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Sen. Kennedy: "Governor Edwards believes in more free stuff"

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edwards free"Get your free stuff"

On Monday, US Senator John Kennedy took questions from WGSO 990 conservative radio talk show host and Bayoubuzz columnist, Jeff Crouere, on a range of issues, ranging from North Korea dictator's haircut to a major haircutting the Louisiana budget needs this year during the legislative session. Kennedy has been touted as the key contender to Democrat John Bel Edwards's stay at the Governor's mansion with the election approaching next year.

In classic form, without stating one way or another--whether he would be running for that top spot, the Senator seized the opportunity to take on the Louisiana Governor. No, it wasn't in harsh in-hour-face BOLD CAPS tone that we see now on twitter and elsewhere. instead, Kennedy, known around the cable networks as the go-to-guy for a quote that sums up the situation, continued, in form. Using his usual cordial friendly, neighborly folksy-style  drawl, he poked Edwards in the proverbial gut on the issue of budget and taxes.

Below is the text and time references to this segment of the Crouere-Kennedy interview. Also below is the entire interview.

[00:16:15] It really is and try and get that information to the senator. And I know the senator's great team will check into that. Thank you Senator for committing to do that because it sounds like a really tragic story. And before we conclude with you want to encourage you to consider running for governor I'm really concerned about the agenda of John Edwards. And someone told me the other day oh well he's going to win a second term and I'm like well know that that can't happen. So is it something you're thinking of something that I'm thinking about.

: [00:16:51] I don't what about it every day but I really appreciate works. I am bad at megadoses this to frankly and that my hands for what now. Yes. I like Governor Kennedy personally. I've known him. We just disagree. I mean I believe in freedom he believes in more free stuff

: [00:17:14] And Governor Edwards honestly believe that the only problems in the world are those that the government didn't spend your tax dollars on and he honestly believes and at least, he's sincere, he's wrong, but he's sincere he believes he can tax us into prosperity. He's made no effort whatsoever not zero, zilch, nada to try to control spending.

: [00:17:39] He just asked more and more money. And wants to basically I think it's like Washington D.C.

: [00:17:47] You know somebody people who are smarter than everybody else in America, we'll, we'll make the decisions for you. And I just don't agree with that. I think he can spend the money better with all things being equal.

: [00:18:03] And right.

: [00:18:05]  [00:18:05]But the bigger government--They knew the government has an inherent tendency to grow and you've got to keep it in check keep it in check. John Bell I mean he gets upset because won't go ahead and pass more taxes. And he's mad at Speaker Barras and Chairman Henry and Representative Harris,  [00:18:31] I'm proud of it. They stood up to him. Everybody knew the legislative session was just another effort by John Bel to get more money out of people's pockets.

: [00:18:47] Well. And I've been letting people know we've had five of these things. Senator I think they cost about a million dollars each so that's a big waste of money right there to have all these special sessions and we're going to need another one. He says after the regular session is over.

: [00:19:03] And you've got certain members of the media who are egging him on  they just basically think the governor ought to run things  (unintelligible) and they keep printing stories about job bill being invincible but I don't think people buy it, I know they don't,  based on poll numbers I've seen, they clearly think that the state is heading in the wrong direction and frankly, we are.   the fundamental problem is that state government is growing faster than our economy

: [00:19:32] Right

: [00:19:32] It ought to be the other way around

: [00:19:39] Well you've got a son about the same age as my daughter and I'm sure you'd love for your son to be able to stay in Louisiana. I'd love for my daughter to be able to stay in Louisiana. But we've got to around to create some opportunities for them here so they can stay.

: [00:19:56] Well, if we keep losing people and Jeff the average age we know it is going to be deceased. And these bright young kids like your daughters who's precious and they have a lot of options and can't find a job here worthy of their talent, they'll head, and I can't blame them, They'll go to Denver, Dallas or (unintlligible).  And we ought to be creating those jobs here.

: [00:20:24] Right.

: [00:20:26] We ought to be worried more about people's budgets and businesses budgets than the state budget. Basically what Edwards stands for, he wants everyone of us to cut our budgets including businesses and pay more in taxes so the state doesn't have to get control of its budget. And it ought to be the other way around.

: [00:20:46] Definitely.

: [00:20:49] Running out of money--It's 29 billion dollars. When when Governor Blanco was governor the budget was 16 billion. So, it's almost doubled.

: [00:20:58] And that's a great point.

: [00:20:59] And guess what hasn't doubled our population and we're one of only eight states to lose population. Senator you know that and our budget keeps growing. So something is seriously wrong with what's going on in Baton Rouge.

: [00:21:13] Well look at it this way the Governor keeps talking about--look at the numbers, look at the numbers. OK (unintelligble)  We rank Forty third in per capita income. we're in the bottom ten. We rank 23rd and first in the South in state and local spending per capita. And that's not all federal money. You just look at the numbers. You made a valid point. We've gone from a 16 billion dollar budget to 29 billion dollar budget.  Why?  We didn't add more people and inflation has been well under 2 percent. They don't make any effort whatsoever to control spending.

: [00:22:00] Well that's got to change and I think really you would be wonderful as governor I've always thought that and I hope you give it serious consideration. Listen I love to support you. I really.

: [00:22:14] I'm just, I'm just proud of our house Republicans, I mean, Barras, Henry and Harris and i should start naming people, i start leaving people out. They're my heroes.They keep doing the right thing.

: [00:22:27] But we'll keep supporting them. And we'll be following closely. Senator thanks for your time.

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