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Maness slams La Democratic Party Chair Peterson for "Repeal second amendment" tweet

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Does Karen Carter Peterson, the Chairperson of the Louisiana Democratic Party support repealing the second amendment?

Rob Maness seems to think so and points to the evidence. A tweet by Peterson, that states "Repeal the Second Amendment" which includes the very controversial op-ed in the New York Times, earlier this week by no less, than former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who advocated that it should be repealed.

Air Force Colonel Maness pointed out the tweet during our Friday morning "Louisiana Legislative Live" show today, which takes place every week at 8 am on Facebook Live, and on other social media platforms.

Which tweet could be a serious problem for Carter's Democratic Party which only has, to date, one statewide office and only one federal office. Governor John Bel Edwards is a Democrat. Cedric Richmond also is a Democrat. All of the other statewide, Congressional and Senatorial office holders are Reublicans. In a state such as Louisiana, the notion, regardless as to merits of the argument, is political cyanide, just ready for the gulp.

Below is the discussion which is transcribed.Above is the video of the entire Rob Maness interview in which we further talk about the second amendment, natural rights, Louisiana legislative session, anti-gun legislation and more.. This segment ends at the 12 minute, 52 seconds mark on the video, so, if you would like to watch more, you can scroll forward or, obviously, start the video from the very beginning. 

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SABLUDOWSKY:  What's been going on this week in the Louisiana Legislature and just in Louisiana politics?

MANESS: Well it probably doesn't seem like much to the average observer Steve. But one of the things that I saw that from a conservatives perspective and a constitutionalist, more importantly is the head of the Democrat Party in Louisiana Senator Karen Peterson tweeted out former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens op ed and her comment was simple. It said, "repeal the Second Amendment". That op ed was in the New York Times.  And it really really to those of us that believe the U.S. Constitution is relevant today as the day it was written and I've sworn to defend it, people like me.

MANESS: It's really disturbing to see the head of a state party opposition or not, to my own party, say that we should repeal something like the Second Amendment. As you know the first amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. The first two amendments sure incorporated into the constitution before the Bill of Rights was even ratified. So we're we're very concerned about that. We're concerned obviously at the national level with the focus on repealing the Second Amendment at the same time that you have these so-called activists that are coming out from different shootings and those kinds of things that are getting a lot of media play--that are saying "oh no, nobody wants to really take your guns". Those types of words coming out--it just doesn't make it very believable when the leaders of the opposition party and the leaders of intellectuals on the liberal side of this debate--and it has been a debate for quite some time, are now openly saying in publications like the the standard in the United States, the New York Times, that we  should repeal the Second Amendment. I think that's causing quite a bit of concern amongst those of us that believe that we should protect our civil rights.


SABLUDOWSKY: OK so what am I going to do since you brought it up and i was able to find it,  I'm going to put up the tweet. And so bear with me, just need to push a button here to let everybody see it along with us.  OK. Unfortunately, we don't have the full tweet. Full tweet. But I think we do have pretty much a good bit of that. And so Karen Carter Peterson, again the chairperson of the Democratic Party, has repeal the Second Amendment. This was March 27 I think that's the day that the opinion piece op ed came out of the New York Times, the opinion piece which doesn't show on the tweet itself that I put up. It doesn't show opinion. John Paul Stevens repeal the Second Amendment. Now I would argue. Let me just throw some out that this might reflect her opinion. It might reflect the Democratic Party opinion in Louisiana but I doubt it. It might also reflect that she's putting it out there because it's an issue that she believes that should be discussed.  But I think by her not putting a disclaimer and saying here is what I found. I don't agree with this or I agree with it in part or whatever, it raises the issue.  Go ahead. 

MANESS: Yeah. It raises the issue.  04:05 And you know she could have just tweeted the article out and not made a comment on it.  But she made a comment and she is the head of the Democrat Party, she's an elected state senator in the state of Louisiana. The legislature is in session. There are about a dozen gun control bills that are currently in the House and the Senate being considered.  They're going to come up in committee. Most of them I believe next week on April 4th. The Louisiana self-defense coalition of which I'm a co-founder of--it has made a majority of Louisiana gun rights groups and constitutional groups--is going to be taking on that debate. We are already talking to the representatives in the legislature that are pro second amendment. But but you're right she couldn't put a disclaimer out there and that makes it even more disturbing.

MANESS: You know I've seen folks in the Republican Party, the real partisan types say  "go ahead, run on that as your message here in 2018, and in by the way in Louisiana and 2019 elections are coming up--so so ahead and run on that message which which really would be interesting, because while Louisiana is a red state, considered to be a red state, I believe it's all the more liberal than deep red but on the second amendment, even our governor who is a Democrat sent out mailers with the endorsement of the NRA on his mailers.

MANESS: If I remember correctly when he was running for governor and winning in 2015. So it would be very interesting to see what happens to the Democrat Party I believe and I tweeted back tat Senator Peterson--that I'm believe that it would be the Democrats in Louisiana's final act if they came out and try to run on a platform plank of repealing the Second Amendment.

SABLUDOWSKY: Did she respond?

MANESS: No. No she did not respond.  Which tells me that she put that out there intentionally to get the attention and to me she's put a marker on the ground, she doesn't have to really say anything else.  It's very simple statement and the bills that are coming through the legislature really stand for themselves. 

MANESS:   I think Representative Blake Migues from New Iberia said it best in a video that you released earlier this week. He said none of these bills will do anything to keep a criminal from using a gun in a violent crime of any type. All of them are aimed at law abiding citizens.  So we're going to work to defeat every single one of those bills at the grassroots level in Louisiana Self Defense coalition and we will work with folks like Representative Migues and other larger national groups like the NRA and the Gun Rights across America, the National Association of Gun Rights and Gun Owners of America to defeat these bills.  And unfortunately, it takes a lot of, a lot of resources and a lot of effort to get that done at a time when we really need to be focusing on things like the budget and getting our state and fiscal conditions o businesses are attracted and we can create more jobs for our population.

SABLUDOWSKY:  OK so I'm looking at some of the comments. Thank you Vicki Smith for sharing. Patricia Terry "we need to protect our Second Amendment rights" Patricia Terry thank you. And Richard Hymel, thank you for a thumbs up.  Those people, please go ahead and share share with your friends share with your Facebook friends. Everybody knows that Rob Maness discussing the Second Amendment right at this point in time. So what?  I mean look I agree, I mean--she needs to, she needs to explain herself. If she feels that she's in favor of repealing the Second Amendment, as chairperson of the Democratic Party, she needs to own it. She needs to stand up and say yeah, that's what I believe.

MANESS: And you know that's the way that we get change to our constitution, that's the way it's written that is. You can amend it as we all know. It's a very high bar--you have to have a two-thirds majority of each of the Senate and the House of Representatives and then, three-fourths ratification of the states.  That's a very high bar. While it's not impossible, I seriously doubt that they would succeed in that effort.  It's been tried before it's been tried and failed.


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