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Did Governor Edwards blow great op after Peterson's 2nd amendment tweet?

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edwards capitolDid Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards blow a great opportunity to make lemonade out of lemon, at least, as it relates to the Karen Carter Peterson  "repeal the second amendment" tweet that has become a controversy locally and nationally?

Jim Brown, commentator and former Statewide elected official and state Senator says yes, he did.

First, the basics.

Last week, it was discovered that the current Chairperson of the Louisiana Democratic Party took a column that was on the twitter that had been tweeted. The oped was written by Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Peterson tweeted out the oped with the "repeal the second amendment" statement. The name of the column actually was exactly that, "Repeal the second amendment".

On Friday, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party told Greg Hilburn of Gannet that Karen Carter Peterson supports the second amendment and does not want it repealed.

However, Peterson did not state this herself publicly.

She did tell Bayou Brief Publisher Lamar White Jr., who inquired about the issue that she thought the column was interesting and likewise the controversy surrounding her tweet, but, she does not oppose the second amendment.

Peterson is also a high-ranking official with the DNC.

In the interview with Brown and Bernie Pinsonat, the pollster said he expects Republicans to run ads against democrats on this controversy. 

So, what did John Bel Edwards do wrong, if anything?  According to Brown, it's not that he did anything wrong but that he failed to seize the opportunity. Brown believes the governor could have called a press conference or make a public statement adamantly showing support for the amendment which would diffuse the criticisms against Peterson and the fallout hitting him and other Louisiana Democrats.  However, he did not.

Below is part of the transcript of the discussion and the related video:

SABLUDOWSKY: So Jim you have anything further to say about that. I agree with what you're saying and that is that John Edwards certainly could have jumped on this and made lemonade 

BROWN: Yeah. Well again that is missed opportunities to show he's a tough guy and it builds popular support to put pressure on Republicans and Democrats who are supporting him financially who say look that's a pretty good governor yet. Hey I forgot he got the West Point and he is very much for gun rights and you give the guy a break it creates a goodwill that moves forward to help him with his agenda. So I think he's become more aggressive along that line. No. 

And finally Steve though I think in the days to come why you're doing this morning show which be a much more interesting like to say the first week was really dull I was down there thinking gosh these guys and ladies are just kind of passing time but it looks like things you're picking up with some very vital issues and affect an awful lot of people the issue for example. Shameful that if the parents are a little late paying the lunch fee for their kid going to school the kids don't get lunch. You know taking that out of the child what a dumb thing to do. And there's a law moving through along that line. So very emotional issues down there that affect an awful lot of people. And we'll have a chance to talk about that with Scott.



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