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Bad omen if Louisiana legislators ignore 2nd amendment advocates

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FRIDAY GUNCall it a Friday the 13th warning, message or omen. Louisiana legislators, who don't respect the second amendment, will face the "curse" of Louisiana gun advocates. And, it won't be pretty, politically.

Maness, former US Senate candidate and former candidate for the Louisiana legislature has that message.  Those lawmakers up at the Baton Rouge capitol need to know that Louisiana gun owners are looking down legislators back and will made their voices heard on behalf of the rights of law-abiding citizens who want to preserve their rights to bear arms.

 Today, during our weekly Bayoubuzz Facebook Live discussion today, Maness discussed gun control legislation (and other matters) and explained that he and other gun owners are very mobilezed to ensure that their rights will not be enfringed.

Earlier during the session, Maness mentioned that one legislator, a Republican, voted against the gun-owners’ interests during a committee hearing but after pressure built against him let it known that the legislation would not have its support once it got to the House floor.

Today, Maness issued a similar warning to all legislators but this time to Senator Gary Smith.

Although Maness mistakenly labeled Smith as a republican (he is a Democrat), the message is the same. The Colonel said gun owners will be using their collective  influences and their own rights to protest against those who do not support good policies and common sense legislation, whether the violators are Republicans or Democrats..

Here are the comments transcript and the video. This segment began at the 34 minute, 38 second mark on the Youtube video.

MANESS: Gun politics continues to be an issue here in the state of Louisiana.  Another Republican this time senator Gary Smith abstained instead of voting YES for a gun control bill that got out of a Senate committee. It will be voted on Monday I believe in the full Senate.  These Republicans will have radio ads in their districts run to let their constituents know that they are not supporting the Second Amendment and that they are advocating for or letting bills pass that are not good policy and that a Senate bill 491 is once again not good policy.  You know you won't find common sense gun owners saying this is a this is terrible and we got to fight against every single one of these bills if they're good policy and they can be looked at in a common-sense way but so so that's gun politics there you can expect if you're a legislator and you vote or don't vote and allow one of these crazy bills restricting our civil rights to keep and bear arms that we in the Louisiana defense coalition, my pac Gator PAC and and all the other citizen level gun owning organizations and supporters of the Second Amendment will talk to your constituents for you and let them know what you're doing and we're gonna ask that they let you know that you should vote no on gun control from here on out in this legislative session 


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