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Court rules against Jindal on Common Core as junior varsity Presidential debate nears

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jindal-betRight in time for tonight’s junior varsity Republican presidential debate on CNN, Louisiana Governor got a kick in the proverbial pants over one of his major planks as a republican candidate for the White House.  A Baton Rouge federal judge found against him on the issue of Common Core.


Judge Shelly Dick wrote that Common Core is not a curriculum and that federal education laws don’t infringe on states rights.

Jindal had attempted to block Common Core nationally and has often referred in his speeches and appearances on national TV that he was leading the charge to defeat Common Core.

According to other sources, Jindal plans to appeal and that “Dick said the federal government never endorsed Common Core and did not help create it. That knocks down a charge made by Jindal and other conservative Republicans across the United States. In arecent ad for his gubernatorial campaign, Sen. David Vitter called Common Core "part of Washington's dangerous plan to take over how we educate our kids."

Meanwhile, State Superintendent of Education John White issued a statement today regarding Judge Dick's ruling; 

"Louisiana should have the most ambitious academic standards for its children. This is why more than 100 educators are reviewing and developing English language arts and math standards to ensure that the expectations are as high as possible in Louisiana classrooms. As we trust these educators to perform the task at hand the Louisiana Student Standards will be academic goals of which all Louisianans will be proud."

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