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What they're saying about Jindal's performance, GOP debate

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prez-debate 1How did Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal do in 2nd GOP Presidential Debate?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made his second national GOP debate last night, although he was not on the first team with eleven of his opponents.




Here is a sample of what some have said about his appearance as well as the active Twitter feed discussing the Louisiana governor and Presidential candidate.

Bobby Jindal says he's not breaking the so-called 11th Commandment of conservatism popularized by President Ronald Reagan.

Asked by CNN's Jake Tapper at the Reagan Library why he would violate the principle popularized by President Ronald Reagan that conservatives and Republicans should not speak ill of one another, the Louisiana governor responded that he was "in compliance."

"Let’s stop treating Donald Trump like a Republican. If he were really a conservative and 30 points ahead, I would endorse him," Jindal said.

“The best way for us to give this election back would be to nominate Donald Trump," Jindal said. "He’s not serious."

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Bobby Jindal has failed to gain traction; Wednesday night's debate probably won’t move that needle.

As of the end of the last reporting cycle, Santorum, Pataki and Jindal were low on cash. It’s doubtful their performance will boost their fundraising.

Donald Trump was not present at the first debate, but he was surely the elephant not in the room. Bobby Jindal, egged on by the CNN moderators and perhaps intent on capturing headlines, declared that front-runner Donald Trump isn’t a Republican, or a Democrat – that all he believes in is Trump.

Rick Santorum, maybe hoping to pick up some supporters should The Donald’s star fade, tepidly defended the blowhard billionaire’s right to run.

Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and other second-tier Republican presidential candidates shared differing views Thursday night on whether Kentucky clerk Kim Davis and other public officials have the right to exercise their religious belief in traditional marriage while serving public office after the Supreme Court has nationalized same-sex marriage.

During CNN's first Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, which featured the four lowest polling GOP presidential nominees, Jindal was first asked to give his opinion on the 14-year-old Muslim student in Texas who was wrongly arrested for bringing a clock to school and how America should handle the fine line between keeping America safe from radical Islam and not discriminating against Arab-Americans.


Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal -- attacked by his competitors over his previous support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, struggled to clarify his position, insisting over and over that he's not for "amnesty."

"I'm not for amnesty," Jindal said on stage alongside Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki. "I know Hillary didn't like this. Immigration without assimilation is invasion."

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Also, what people are saying about the GOP Debate on twitter:


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