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Vitter attacks welfare, food stamps fraud; Calls Dardenne, Angelle liberals

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vitter-work-welfareNo doubt, the Vitter campaign and super PAC have begun to increase its ads since Labor Day.   It’s difficult to watch a television show or listen to radio without seeing or hearing one of the many ads that “Vitter and Company” are pushing to future voters.


The Advocate’s Tyler Bridges has recently  featured some of those attack ads which focuses upon is Republican competition, Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle. A new Vitter ad focuses upon the “liberal” records of his competition. Based upon all polls conducted so far, it is unlikely that Vitter will prevail in October and will be in a runoff with John Bell Edwards, the only major Democrat running.   So far, for that reason, neither Vitter nor his super PAC, Fund for Louisiana’s Future, have attacked Edwards.

Today, Vitter released a new ad which focuses upon his plan to attack welfare and food stamps.

David Vitter today released another television ad that has been airing statewide. The ad, called “Back to Work,” highlights Vitter's bold plan to reform Louisiana's welfare program.

“Welfare was created to help struggling families get back on their feet. But too often, welfare programs are abused, and this fraud takes resources away from families who rely on the program for survival,” says Vitter. “My plan says if you use your electronic food stamp card – you must show a photo ID. That’s common sense, and it's working in other states.”

The video shows Vitter in a casual plaid shirt making these comments within a backdrop of individuals buying beer and using drugs, presumably, with the assistance of the benefits provide by the programs.

Vitter closes the commercial saying that we “have big hearts, but little tolerance for anyone who takes advantage of us, and as governor, I’ll never let that happen”

Thursday, 17 September 2015 13:47

big-brother-1984Imagine talking to a candidate for public office, only later to discover that your conversation, particularly, the audio, has been intercepted by an opposition research Super PAC ?   Then, imagine if the very words you thought were confidential ended up being listened to and analyzed by the candidate’s opposition?  Worse, imagine if your words were later used during the election campaign?

Surprised?  You’re on political camera 2015.

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