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Tagging Jindal to candidates is popular, but can Treadway link Kennedy, in that way?

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kennedy-officeAlthough Bobby Jindal has been seen frequently on CNN, Fox News and at Iowa events, he is also on the minds of local candidates trying to associate their competition with the unpopular Louisiana Governor.


On the gubernatorial trail, David Vitter, Scott Angelle, Jay Dardenne and Jon Bel Edwards have all slammed Bobby Jiindal's absences and his budgetary practices, while trying to disassociate themselves from the current lame duck governor, who is running lame in his quest to be President.

However, failures of Jindal are also being used as a sword against other candidates who have been a part of state government.

The latest comes in a somewhat unlikely environment--the Louisiana Treasurer's election.

John Kennedy, who is the most popular state official in Louisiana, is running for re-election and is being attacked by his opponent, attorney Jennifer Treadway, by linking him to Jindal.

In an Podcast by Susan Lincoln of WRKP Radio,  Treadway claims Kennedy is “divisive,” and accuses him of “fiscal irresponsibility and tyrannical leadership.”. She has also stated, "“The failures of Bobby Jindal and John Kennedy have kept us at the bottom long enough”.

Kennedy, likewise distanced himself from Jindal stating that the governor has not wanted his  help.

Will this tact against the popular work against Kennedy who many believe, has been very public and vocal in his attacks against the budgetary practices of the Jindal administration?

Might be a long-shot.

However, Kennedy, who has served four terms as Treasurer might have different weakness in this election against the Republican Treadway--his ambition and ironically, his popularity.  Kennedy has run for US Senate twice and many politicos believe he will run for David Vitter's spot, should Vitter be elected Louisiana governor, this fall.  Thus, as popular as Kennedy might be, the idea of voting for a incumbent candidate who might immediately turn around and run for a higher office, could go against him in this year of the "outsider".

“We are tired of the good ol’ boys’ club,” she stated.

Read the Lincoln interview

Thursday, 17 September 2015 13:47

big-brother-1984Imagine talking to a candidate for public office, only later to discover that your conversation, particularly, the audio, has been intercepted by an opposition research Super PAC ?   Then, imagine if the very words you thought were confidential ended up being listened to and analyzed by the candidate’s opposition?  Worse, imagine if your words were later used during the election campaign?

Surprised?  You’re on political camera 2015.






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