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Louisiana Sheriffs demur, Nungesser picked; Trump vs. Clinton

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nungesserby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

Sheriffs Assn. makes endorsements
    The Louisiana Sheriffs Association is having a  hard time deciding who to endorse for governor.  In the end, it did not make an endorsement.
    The Louisiana Sheriffś Association comprises Louisianás 64 sheriffs and nearly 14,000 deputy sheriffs. 

    Its purpose is to maintain the powers of the sheriff as peace officer, to ensure the delivery of first-rate services by sponsoring legislation to promote the administration of criminal justice and to serve as a clearinghouse for information.
    It did make endorsements in other statewide races.  Here they are:
    For Lt. Governor – Billy Nungesser (R).
    For Attorney General – Buddy Caldwell (R).
    For Secretary of State – Tom Schedler (R).
    For State Treasurer – John Kennedy (R).
    For Agriculture Commissioner – Mike Strain (R).
    The Association said it reserves the right to make further endorsements after the primary election.

Trump still leads GOP field
    Despite all the attacks on him and the controversies which surround him, Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican presidential hopefuls.
    The latest poll taken following the recent televised debate has these results:
    Donald Trump 24%, Carly Fiorina 15%, Dr. Ben Carson 14%, Marco Rubio 11%, Jeb Bush 9%, Mike Huckabee 6%, Ted Kruz 6%, Rand Paul 4%, Chris Christie 3%, John Kasich 2%, Rick Santorum 1%. Scott Walker 0%, Bobby Jindal 0%, and Lindsey Graham 0%.

Clinton increases lead over Sanders
    Hillary Clinton seems to be pulling away from Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.  The latest poll results:
    Hillary Clinton 42%, Bernie Sanders 24%, Joe Biden 22%, and Martin O’Malley 1%.
    But when Biden is taken out, Clinton has 57%, Sanders 28%, and O’Malley 2%.
    Biden is still contemplating whether to get into the race.  Most analysts think he will not at this point.

Candidates, Vitter Group, Democrats PAC violate our privacy, laws?

Imagine talking to a candidate for public office, only later to discover that your conversation, particularly, the audio, has been intercepted by an opposition research Super PAC ?   Then, imagine if the very words you thought were confidential ended up being listened to and analyzed by the candidate’s opposition?  Worse, imagine if your words were later used during the election campaign?

Surprised?  You’re on political camera 2015.

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