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Bristol Palin stepped up in Dancing with the Stars but Sarah’s Tea Party on call

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Bristol Palin by Gage Skidmore 4There is a chance that Bristol Palin will land the crystal—that crystal ball awarded to the champion of Dancing with the Stars.



Bristol Palin is thinner, older, lighter, more sculptured, less frumpy and yes, sexier than she was when she first took the national dance stage.  Then, she was simply the daughter of one of the best-known women in the nation, Sarah Palin. Now, she’s also ready to dance and to prance.

In Dancing with the Stars 11, it was almost painful to see the heavy Palin strut her stuff.  She did well despite her awkwardness, however, because she was and is the daughter of Sarah.     

Now, at 21 or almost 22, she has grown from a girlhood to a womanhood.

Her dance steps have also improved as her chemistry with partner Mark Ballas.

But she is not the only all-star in this contest of all-stars or Dancing with the Stars 15.

Despite her maturity and her improvement, judging from the past and the competition, she might need Tea Party nation fans votes as much as does Mitt Romney.

Here are the scores from Monday night which might tell the whole story:

Celebrity totals

Emmitt and Cheryl: 24.5

Gilles and Peta: 24

Sabrina and Louis: 22.5

Shawn and Derek: 22

Apolo and Karina: 22

Helio and Chelsie: 21.5

Drew and Anna: 21.5

Kelly and Val: 21.5

Melissa and Tony: 21

Joey and Kym: 20.5

Bristol and Mark: 19.5

Kirstie and Maks: 19

Pamela and Tristan: 17


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{article k2:Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston custody case closes in Alaska}{title} {introtext} {readmore}{/article}





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