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Chehardy talks governor race strategy, says no glove laid on David Vitter

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chehardy-blabLast week, the talk around the Louisiana political town was a poll conducted by Ron Faucheux and the first televised debate that Sen. David Vitter made a presence. After that debate Thursday night, Lawrence Chehardy and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky discussed the debate and the recent developments in the Louisiana governor's race.

 Below is the transcript of  segments of that video discussion using twitter and BLAB technologies:

CHEHARDY: I would expect, what, this 3 1/2 weeks or so before the primary that John Bell Edwards's numbers ought to increase as the traditional Democratic base comes together, and that's what he's going after in the primary and he's really not being challenged for it. He is going after traditional Democratic base, as the only major Democrat in a race and he's attempting to put that together, assuming that he does, his numbers are going to go up. Now once you take those voters out and you have what's left, which is going to be Republicans and independents, David Vitter has strategically decided that what he wants to do is to go after that right-wing, right side of the Republican Party and locked those voters up--don't allow Jay Dardenne or Scott Angelle the opportunity to go after those voters. Scott Angelle in his campaign commercials, if you watch some of his early commercials, that's what he was trying to do also. He was trying to grab those voters on the right wing, the right side of the Republican Party. What David Vitter is trying to do is to prevent them Jay Dardenne, to prevent Scott Angelle from getting his votes. And his strategy is "enough of those votes if I can lock--a lock on those voters, I'm in the runoff. Now once I'm in the runoff, I'm going to run against Barack Obama and John Bel Edwards." And that's is going to be strategy. You saw although a little of what John Bel Edwards strategy is going to be in the runoff. He's going to run against Bobby Jindal and attempt to tie David Vitter to Bobby Jindal and to say that if you like Bobby Jindal, your going to love David Vitter--I think he called him Bobby Jindal...

SABLUDOWSKY: on steroids {snippet 288}

CHEHARDY: Yeah on steroids. So he's saw a little bit of what the strategy is going to be in a runoffs and what the candidates are doing. The problem is for Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle, is in order for them to be in a runoff, they had to take votes away from John Bel Edwards and/r David Vitter, and so, far that's not what's happening

SABLUDOWSKY:  I talked to a friend of mine, who is a real Vitter advocate and he's all,"  David won". He won, at lease, or at least, if he did win, it's only because he wasn't hit hard. Nobody really attacked. They were two references--at least one reference regarding prostitution, another reference was, "well you failed the fornication" was said and I think it was said by, either Scott Angelle or Dardenne. But other than that, Vitter was attacking them and they just defended themselves, they didn't attacking, and I thought that was really somewhat odd....

CHEHARDY: I find it odd that we have not seen more of attack on David Vitter. But he's been in Washington for a long time, he's been a Congressman, he's been there as and US Senator. He was in the state legislature before that, so he's cast a lot of votes. When you're a legislator, you cast votes, sometimes there's votes that are difficult to cast but you cast them for whatever reason you are casting them. So I'm a little surprised that we had not seen more attacks on his voting record in Congress as well as may be back when he was a state legislator. I'm surprise that the Angelle campaign and the Dardenne campaign have not engaged in that. Maybe it's coming. Maybe it's coming in these last couple weeks, we're going to see it. I'm really surprised that what you're basically seeing is a very very aggressive David Vitter going after Angelle and Dardenne. He's really ignoring John Bel Edwards because he doesn't want to tear him down, that's who he wants to be in a runoff with, so he's been going against the other two main Republicans in the race. And they just really having laid a glove on him and I don't know if there is a glove to be laid on him, but, they haven't laid a glove on him.

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