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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 17:41

Jindal's new history book ready for his Iowa peeps

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jindal-book 2Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is talking history.  

 While most pundits believe Jindal "is history" when it comes to his reign in Louisiana and his White House hopes, some Iowa voters somehow believe he has the chops to be President of these United States.  Six percent of them are giving him the nod in a recent poll, while back home, the people who know him best, are keenly aware of his own true history.  As a result, the Louisiana Governor, aka "Frequent Flyer" is more unpopular than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who in Louisiana, are more unpopular than the winter flu.  Or even worse--leprosy.  

We remember a brief history lesson he gave his adoring subjects.  During his first inauguration address, Jindal blasted prior Louisiana leaders for their selfishness.  He said they thought more of themselves than the Louisiana people they represented, and that under his administration, things would be different.

That statement must have come to a shock to Governors Roemer, Treen, Blanco, Foster who watched the speech sitting in their chairs positioned upon the capitol steps.   

Then again, that's now ancient history.

Now, Jindal, who was rumored to be visiting Louisiana recently, and who vetoed legislation that would have forced his campaign to pay for his state police expenses while he plays candidate, has a newer gig.   He has authored another book, on our dime, called "American Will", which reportedly is full of self-praise while he gives us a tour of his view of this nation's past.  

Yep, a looking-back tome coming from a person who has said that the current rendition of the second branch of our federal government should be history--that all members of Congress should be tossed out of office.

I know there is an anti-establishment fervor going around the nation and Jindal, somehow, wants to tap into it by having voters know and remember him as the most angry and radical candidate on the republican angry-circuit campaign market.

But, could you imagine what this country would look like if voters actually somehow did what Jindal wants them to do?  For those who believe guys like Ted Cruz and other conservatives are doing a respectable job, Jindal, feels otherwise.  The part-time Louisiana chief executive not only believes the Texan US Senator (and others like him) should not be president, but that he (and they) should not be in office, nor should anybody else currently occupying a seat at the DC Capitol.

You hear that Congressman Steve Scalise, Senators Bill Cassidy and David Vitter?  Our former congressman and now absentee governor feels you need to be kicked out on your tush.

From where I come from, we call this "chutzpah".

This coming from a guy who has lived off the public almost all of his life, working part-time the past eight years, and running the state into the ditch handing us the worst budgetary mess of our lives.   

At least Sarah Palin did the right thing.  She knew her heart was not in the job and she quit.  Jindal?

Not a shot.  After all, why give up a cushy job that he could use to promote his diatributes, false version of his administration's successes and his own ambitions while getting paid six figures, appointing people for government positions who can then feather his own presidential campaign nest?  No way!

Governor Jindal deserves the wrath of the voters who according to the recent WWL poll has declared him the worst governor in our recent history.

Great job, Bobby. 

Indeed.  You're making history.

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