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Crouere: Jindal is a fraud, Iowa, wake up!

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jindal-duckRecent polling in Iowa shows that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has made some decent gains. While he still languishes near the bottom of the national polls, in Iowa, Jindal is now in a tie for fifth place with Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio with 6% support. To boost his numbers, Jindal has spent much time and effort in Iowa. He has decided on focus on a state that might be more supportive of his social conservative message. 


While the Governor has decided to focus on Iowa, his constituents in Louisiana continue to be ignored. Jindal has spent very little time in Louisiana in 2015, accelerating a trend that started during his first year as Governor. From the day he was elected as Governor, Bobby Jindal had his sights set on the White House. Thus, he has traveled the country, visiting GOP fundraisers and conferences, in a non-stop effort to boost his name recognition and contributions.   

The sad part of the story is that the people of Louisiana have suffered as a result. Currently, the state is dealing with a record budget deficit and unprecedented funding shortages for programs such as Medicaid and TOPS, the higher education scholarship program. Besides the fiscal crisis, violent crime is surging in the major cities of Louisiana, such as New Orleans. However, on this issue and so many others such as rising unemployment, coastal erosion, infrastructure woes, poverty, homelessness, and poor public education Bobby Jindal has been unengaged.  

Clearly, Governor Jindal is uninterested in Louisiana’s problems. He made that very obvious during the last legislative session when he appeared on only the first day and the last day. He has checked out of his duties in Baton Rouge to run for President full time, so Louisiana has a true lame duck Governor. 

If Jindal had any decency, he would resign, thus saving the taxpayers the costs for his salary and his security contingent. Of course, being Governor of Louisiana is a great platform to run for President. It is better than being the former Governor of Louisiana. So, he will not resign and he will spend his last few months in office campaigning for President in Iowa.   

What is disturbing is that the voters of Iowa are starting to show more support for this phony conservative. Since they obviously do not know the real Bobby Jindal, here is some helpful information. A true conservative would not have Bobby Jindal’s record, which includes: 

  • Turning a budget surplus into a massive budget deficit
  • Supporting over $700 million in new taxes in the last legislative session
  • Advocating ethics reform that exempted the executive branch of state government
  • Promising to triple legislative salaries and extend the Stelly tax increase, only to change those positions when facing pressure from the public
  • Abandoning the desperately needed idea of tax reform
  • Initially championing Common Core, which is a program that many parents view as the government takeover of education. Eventually, Governor Jindal changed his mind on Common Core and spent $830,000 in state funds that we don’t have to wage legal fights with his hand-picked Superintendent of Education and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education 

In the presidential race, Governor Jindal is now advocating radical positions to gain attention. He lambasted Donald Trump as “selfish,” yet, he has been the poster child for selfishness during his last two terms as Governor. 

In the aftermath of the Oregon shooting, Jindal criticized the Oregon shooter’s father and said he owes the country an apology for being a bad parent. Since Jindal believes in apologies, he should give one to the people of Louisiana who have been ignored and abused during his two terms of Governor. 

Governor Jindal has taken his salary and his perks, but he has used his position not to advance the interests of the people of Louisiana, but to advance his political career. Wake up Iowa, such as man does not deserve to be considered as the next President of the United States.  

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Jeff Crouere

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