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Dardenne responds to Vitter's ad; Debate tonight; Et tu Democrats

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dardenneToday, Jay Dardenne appeared on Jeff Crouere’s WGSO radio show on WGSO 990 AM.  He was asked about the recent commercial paid for by the Vitter super PAC, Funds for Louisiana’s Future, which accused him of celebrating a birthday bash in your on the taxpayer’s money.


Here was his answer:

CROUERE: Update the listeners a little bit about how the race is going

DARDENNE: Well it's picking up steam as you can imagine we're down to a couple of weeks before the election and so is getting pretty hectic and everything, is starting to see a lot of misrepresentations and lies on TV, about me, and it's not unexpected. You know we've got a lot of action going on and money being spent in the campaign and unfortunately it's being spent to try to tear people down, falsely, instead of talking about the positive things we want to do for Louisiana.

CROUERE: Well, let's use this opportunity as a chance to set the record straight, then, I do see a lot of commercials blasting you. It seems like every time I turn around there's a commercial criticizing your record and seemingly is being funded not only by David Vitter but also a PAC that is supporting Senator Vitter.

DARDENNE: Well there's a huge amount of money millions of dollars in a super PAC he transferred over from the Senate, he's got millions of dollars he's raise and he's using it to prevent me from being in a runoff because I be the one who beat him. So you see all kind of misleading and false attacks about my voting record some of the same stuff that has been tried before, the four times I've run and been elected statewide and a couple new things, the most flagrant of which has been this notion that somehow we spent huge amounts of money for me to make trips overseas. I went on two tourism and business missions overseas, a cost of $11,000. I brought back millions of dollars of business to Louisiana in the tourism world and the suggestion is I paid for my wife, or that the state paid for my wife which is ludicrous--I paid for my wife to accompany me. And this notion that it was a birthday bash this kind of comical, one of those trips occurred over my birthday which is February 6, the same as Ronald Reagan's incidentally, but that's when the tourism folks in Germany and great Britain said you need to be over here because that's when we make our plans for spring and summer travel. So they set the dates when I go over there and the trips have proven to be very beneficial to Louisiana, a number of business leaders accompany me on their own nickel, a number of tourism officials across the state went on their own nickel as well, because it was a business trip. So it's disgusting to see the kind of way this is twisted but it's not unexpected in the political campaign where the Senator is desperate and fighting for his political life.

(More of the interview tomorrow)


David Vitter has stated in a new email to his supporters that “We are really proud of our team, and our grassroots efforts cannot be matched by any campaign. Period. Already this campaign we’ve made 174,036 personal phone calls, knocked on 86,745 doors, and attended 6,892 events.”


Those paying attention to the upcoming gubernatorial election, now weeks away, can tune in tonight, as three of the four major candidates are expected to attend a statewide debate.  Vitter will not be attending.  The debate starts at 7PM on these various TV stations:

KTAL-TV Shreveport

KLAF-LD Lafayette

WNTZ-TV Alexandria

WVLA-TV Baton Rouge

KTVE-TV Monroe

WNOL-TV New Orleans

KVHP-TV Lake Charles


So far, only the Vitter camp has been attacking Scott Angelle, a candidate for Governor.  Move over.  The Louisiana Democratic Party has joined the fun.  In a press release today, the party took aim at the former Democrat, Angelle, and what the party and others are claiming a conflict of interest.

Under attack by his current party and plummeting in the latest polls, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle is facing new questions about his divided loyalties and potential conflicts of interest. Even while campaigning for governor and ostensibly working for the people of Louisiana on the public service commission, Angelle continues to draw a staggering payoff from an out-of-state company--- to the tune of nearly $200K per year, on top of his salary as a “public servant.”

With his campaign for the state’s highest office bought and paid for by the Houston company that’s funding his super PAC, Angelle has made himself utterly beholden to the narrow interests of companies that will undoubtedly have business before the next governor. As Bobby Jindal’s henchman in the legislature, Angelle was notorious for delivering on his boss’s priorities. If out-of-state executives are able to buy him the governor’s race, it’s clear whereAngelle’s priorities would lie.

“Five years ago, Scott Angelle jumped ship and switched parties--- abandoning Louisiana families and those of us fighting for real Louisiana family values,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Angelle switched his loyalty from people to power, and his record on everything from the sinkhole to the BP oil spill make it clear he can’t be trusted with the governor’s office. Voters need a leader who will protect our families and put Louisiana first, not some corporate board from another state.”

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