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Bad hair day for David Vitter--Gambit story, auto accident and arrest

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vitter-trickIt’s been a bad two hair days for Senator David Vitter, who of course, is running for Louisiana Governor for tomorrow's election.   

Some are saying he is the victim of last-minute campaign tricks and perhaps he has been.

But, if so, maybe the ones perpetrating all of these dirty tricks are not just those on the other side of the vs. Vitter.


Yesterday, the Gambit broke a story that began to  confirm some of the possible truths of the New Orleans prostitute story told by video on Jason B. Berry's The American Zombie website.  That is the recycled story, rejected by everybody under the sun, who Vitter supporters have said it is "trash, lies and video tapes".

The Gambit said a barber, whose shop was across the street from the “House where Wendy lived”, told the paper that Vitter visited the shop on three occasions.  The barber shop and The Wendy House are in the French Quarter on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine.  The barber said Vitter had his hair cut at the shop as he waited for the lady across the street.   

Who knows.  Shoot the barber.  The Gambit is just the messenger.

Then, today, David Vitter gets into an automobile accident, as a passenger.  He was a witness to the accident but he apparently left the scene, something, I suppose most of us wouldn’t do.  Then, we’re not a US Senator or running for Governor, either.

Apparently, the media is claiming that the lady driving the car Vitter was in was his fundraiser.  I inquired into this and was further told  by an insider opposed to Vitter, that the driver works as a fundraiser for both the Fund For Louisiana’s Future and the Vitter campaign and that, believe it or not,  the rules allow this.  Wow.  If so, and if this and other campaigns allow one person to control the flow of funds, then, forget campaign financing laws.  The separation between the Super Pac and campaigns would be a myth.  

Then, tonight, Sheriff Newell Norman revealed that a man was arrested, who, according to Cenlamar, was a private detective under the employ of a firm allegedly under contract for the Vitter campaign.   For what?  For allegedly secretely recording, of all people, Sheriff Newell Normand. 

You might remember, last month, I complained about Team Vitter secretively recording people’s conversations and I said, I thought that was unlawful.  In writing the article, I was attempting to warn all local campaigns, if they are doing this, stop it.  After all, the nation will be looking to Louisiana’s elections to see what works and what does not, in the new age of secret recording devices, Super Pac’s and uploading of videos.

If Cenlamar’s and TheAdvocate's article is correct, then, maybe somebody should have listened.

For the record, I personally just found out about this arrest and had zero to do with it.  Was a shocked as anybody to find that somebody would be stupid enough to secretively record the state’s most popular sheriff.

I know many close and committed to Senator Vitter are going to claim all of this is a left-wing conspiracy, engaging in dirty tricks.

But, if recording unsuspecting individuals, without knowledge, is not a dirty trick, or, if, putting up bogus videos is not a dirty trick (something the Vitter campaign did just last week), then, who knows.

Maybe I’ll find one in the French Quarter.

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