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Following my North Star in the Louisiana's governor's race

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north starThere are many issues involved in the Louisiana governor’s race:

Issues such as who might be the best to lead us into the future terrains of economic and business?  Who might take our schools and university and develop them into the first-class institutions we all would love for them to be? 


Will David Vitter or Jon Bel Edwards be a person we can trust as governor, given the existing barren desert of lack of trust we now walk due to our Iowa-based chief executive who through his remarkable selfishness and lack of honor has moved the state even further where it needs to be to truly be competitive on all important fronts.

Each one of us have our own set of values and north stars within us to provide light and guidance.

North Star

I have spoken out strongly about those issues important to me--some more times than others, some more emphatically that most.  

I would like to share this short video.  It might anger some and please others.  It might be wrong rather than right.  But, it is how i feel and hope to share your own thoughts in the medium most comfortable to you sometime in the near future.  

Another video will follow tomorrow on another but somewhat related subject.  Should you want to voice your opinion on this or another issue, send your video for our serious consideration.

Stephen Sabludowsky | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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