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Poll: If Edwards wins, blame Jindal policies and Vitter's personal

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jindal cavutoShould Jon Bel Edwards beat David Vitter in the Louisiana governor’s race Saturday November 21, blame it on Bobby Jindal and David Vitter, himself.


According to a recent poll and my phone interview with the pollster, UNO’s Dr. Ed Chervenak, Jindal, Republican Governor, has 70 percent negative in a ruby-red conservative state. The voters are equally not happy with state of affairs. US Senator David Vitter, also a Republican, trails a virtually unheard of state representative from the rural area of Louisiana by a whopping 22 percent. The much-needed support Vitter needs from his republican base is faltering. More than a majority of the republicans view Jindal negatively which appears to be carrying over to Vitter.

Is the problem Vitter is encountering simply a Bobby Jindal issue? No, according to Chervenak. Vitter’s own negatives, in part due to his prostitution claim and even some due to the recent spy scandal, is also bringing him down. Nor is the issue simply Bobby Jindal’s being away from Louisiana due to his presidential campaign. Chervenak said it appears the voters are dissatisfied with Jindal’s policies and equate those policies of Jindal, to Vitter.

Chervenak said it appears that Louisiana voters want a change. He also noted that again, this poll is a mere snapshot, but it is consistent with the other polls since the primary election.

The UNO Professor also confirmed that since Republican Billy Nungesser was beating Democrat Kip Holden by ten points, the disapproval is directed towards Jindal, his policies, his association of those policies to Vitter and Vitter’s own personal problems that have plagued his campaign, despite having a 2 to 1 advantage of money against the combined three candidates who ran in the primary season.

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