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Louisiana Politics: Landry, Obama, Healthcare Debate, Government Gone Wild

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The long-awaited health care debate is here.  Republicans pledge to repeal what they call “Obamacare”.  The White House is on full assault listing organizations in favor of staying the course.

Louisiana’s Congressman Landry says he is keeping his pledge to decline special benefits as his way to speak out against the new law.

Then, there’s government gone wild.  As you would expect, New Orleans is in the national news and the real debate might be whether the Saints tickets are more valuable than a popular X-rated movie.

Speaking of X-rated, the New Orleans City Council will be meeting tomorrow.  Actually, among the matters on the agenda arecleaning blight and eliminating neglect from all school and RTA bus stops.


 Congressman Landry declines benefits                  

Yesterday Congressman Jeff Landry announced that he has kept his pledge and promise by officially declining special Congressional health care and retirement benefits given to Members of Congress.

His announcement came just before Congress is scheduled to vote on a repeal of the federal takeover of health care many call "Obamacare." 

Yesterday, Jeff gave his first speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives or urge Members of the House to vote to repeal and replace the Pelosi/Obama health care law.

In announcing his declining of special benefits he issued the following public announcement:

Congressman Landry Declines Congressional Health Care & Retirement Benefits

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Jeff Landry (Republican, New Iberia) formally declined Congressional health care and retirement, following through on a pledge that is sure to shake up Washington and energize efforts to repeal Obamacare.

“I submitted the necessary paperwork to decline the health care and retirement plans offered to Members of Congress,” Landry explained. “American taxpayers – burdened with near-record deficits – cannot afford to pay Members of Congress an additional benefit.”

“Last March, the liberals in Congress passed a massive government-run health care law that will raise taxes, spend more than 900 billion taxpayer dollars in just 10 years, and place new mandates on American families and small businesses. Conveniently, this law calls for taxpayers to fund the health care plans offered to Members of Congress; this is wrong. Voters made it clear in November that such ‘business as usual’ must end,” said Landry.

“The only way Congress will repeal Obamacare and fight for affordable health care is to have skin in the game. I hope my actions today will energize efforts to end government-run health care and promote common-sense solutions of purchasing insurance across state lines, allowing small businesses to pool their employees together to leverage purchasing power, and rewarding people that make healthy lifestyle choices,” concluded Landry.

From the Whitehouse…on Health care debate
As Congress considers legislation that would repeal the Affordable Care Act, it’s important to take a look at who is opposing repeal. Here’s what organizations representing doctors, nurses and health care providers are saying:


American Nurses Association

“…[W]e believe that a vote for repeal would be a devastating step backward.”


American Medical Association

“The AMA does not support initiatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Expanding health coverage, insurance market reforms, administrative simplifications and initiatives to promote wellness and prevention are key parts of the new law that reflect AMA priorities.”


American Academy of Family Physicians

“A repeal of all provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will return our health care system to its previous trends of unsustainable, increasing costs and ever-growing numbers of under- and uninsured Americans. It will have negative consequences on Americans’ access to needed health care for years to come.”


American College of Physicians

“ACP believes that Congress should preserve and - as necessary - improve on these and other important reforms created by the Affordable Care Act, not repeal them.” 


Association of American Medical Colleges

“The nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals stand behind the Affordable Care Act. Ensuring that all Americans have health care coverage is a moral imperative for our nation, and enactment of the Affordable Care Act was an important step toward that goal.”


National Association of Community Health Centers

“From the perspective of community health, however, the new law moves our nation to the goal of more affordable and accessible health care for all people and we stand strongly in support of it.”


American Osteopathic Association

“The Affordable Care Act made fundamental and important changes in our health care system that will improve the health of our patients individually and our nation as a whole.”


Catholic Health Association

“On behalf of the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA), the national leadership organization of more than 2,000 Catholic health care systems, hospitals, long-term care facilities, sponsors, and related organizations, I strongly urge you to maintain support for efforts to improve and strengthen our nation’s health care system by opposing the legislation before the House to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).”


American Public Health Association

“Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is critical to addressing a number of the biggest challenges facing our health system including the escalating costs associated with our health care system, uneven quality and more than 100,000 deaths due to medical errors, discriminatory practices by health insurance providers and the shrinking ranks of the nation’s primary care providers. The enactment of the Affordable Care Act begins to shift our health system from one that focuses on treating the sick to one that focuses on keeping people healthy and addresses these challenges.”


Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum

“Almost 60 percent of Asian Americans receive health care coverage through their employers and the last thing we should be doing is weakening the ability of small business owners to provide quality health care to their employees. We must not place the interests of insurance companies ahead of small businesses, our communities, and our families. When insurance companies are free to pursue profit without accountability, people have fewer choices, fewer options, and little recourse. We can’t let that happen.”


Doctors for America

“As doctors, we see how our broken health care system is failing patients and health care providers. Passing and implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an important first step to fixing a broken system, and we must continue to move forward. Repealing the health care reform law will only move our health care system backward – and millions of patients simply can’t afford that. We urge the new Congress to work with patients and providers to improve the health reform law so we can build a health care system that works for everyone.” 


National Hispanic Medical Association

“NHMA supports the Affordable Care Act as it is a step forward in caring for the health of the underserved communities and all Americans.  Investing in the health of Americans, our most valuable resource, is sound policy and a wise course of action when so many diseases are preventable and treatable.  For this reason we ask you to cast a vote against H.R.2.”





Government Gone Wild?


“In an anti-fraud and investigative training program last August, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) listed multiple abuses in the federal purchase card program used by federal employees. These abuses included a $13,000 taxpayer-funded steak house dinner, use of Internet dating services, purchase of erotica products, Girls Gone Wild Videos, and five season tickets to the New Orleans Saints.

The information was included in a Power Point presentation by Cindy Barnes, with the Forensic Audits and Special Investigations team. The presentation was called  “Purchase Cards - Audits and Investigations”.”

New Orleans City Council

Matters before the New Orleans City council for January 20

Resolution urging the NOPD, Code Enforcement and Environmental Health to make as a priority, cleaning blight and eliminating neglect from all school and RTA bus stops

- Resolution urging the Orleans Parish School Board and/or Recovery School District to comply with local law and adequately secure all unused buildings in their possession, ultimately selling/transferring said properties for development by working with surrounding communities and the Mayor's Administration

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