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Green Bay 28, New Orleans Saints 27, Brees team 0-4

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Saints fleurThe Green Bay Packers sent the New Orleans Saints to a 0-4 record, beating Drew Brees and his bounty-laden team 23-23 in Lambeau Field.



The New Orleans Saints had a chance to win the game late in the fourth quarter when the Saints scored a field goal from 43 yards out with  more than two minutes left to go in the game, however, a holding penalty removed the successful Garret Hartley -points.  After a Packers offsides penalty, Hartley pulled a 48-yard attempt turning the ball over the Green Bay. 

The game, as predicted, was a quarterback thriller featuring a showdown by two of the best quarterbacks in the game, Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers.

The win for the Packers brought their season to 2-2 while leaving the Saints last in their division.

The Packers led at halftime 21-14.

Rodgers threw for four touchdowns in the win.

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Here is how the game ended as detailed by Bleacher Report

7:43 PM ET

1:38 in the 4th quarter

The penalty on the Saints would have made it inevitable, but that has to be the most amazing catch of James Jones' career.

7:39 PM ET

2:00 warning

It's as big a third down as the Packers will have in this game.

Convert the first down and the game is over. Get stopped and Drew Brees gets the ball back.

7:37 PM ET

2:49 in the 4th quarter

The Packers got a gift when Garrett Hartley's 48-yard field goal missed wide left following a holding penalty called on the Saints.

Hartley's original field goal was good.

The Packers just have to run the clock out, but the Saints have a timeout and the 2:00 warning.

7:26 PM ET

6:41 in the 4th quarter

After the ruling on the field was that Darren Sproles was down by contact on the kickoff return, the Packers couldn't challenge the call.

It goes back to Mike McCarthy's challenge that Jimmy Graham dropped the football.

The Packers have to be really frustrated with officiating calls not going their way.

7:20 PM ET

7:00 in the 4th quarter

The Packers have made a fourth-quarter rally, but it's going to take yet another defensive stop to make sure they win.

7:11 PM ET

10:36 in the 4th quarter

The Packers had a chance at a turnover when Tramon Williams and Morgan Burnett collided trying to snag an interception after a tipped ball.

They may have hurt themselves by both going after the football, but it's hard to communicate in a fraction of a second.

7:06 PM ET

10:46 in the 4th quarter

After only the Packers' second punt of the game, the Saints will take over.

If the Packers want a chance at winning the ballgame, they've got to stop Drew Brees at some point.

The quicker the Packers stop the Saints, the better the field position they could have. Stopping them is going to be the hard part.

7:00 PM ET

12:57 in the fourth quarter

As bad as the Packers have been since halftime, they're only down by six points.

They still have hope. But even if the Packers score, at some point, Drew Brees is going to get the ball back. Whether the Packers stop him might determine the outcome of the game.

6:53 PM ET

Beginning of 4th quarter

After converting on 3rd-and-17, the Saints have converted eight of 12 third downs on the day.

Drew Brees is still on fire, capitalizing on every mistake the Packers make.

6:49 PM ET

2:35 in the 3rd quarter

Following Patrick Robinson's interception of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers now have two turnovers in the third quarter alone.

It's going to be difficult for the Packers to overcome this turn of events. But perhaps not impossible. That's why they play the game, right?

6:46 PM ET

2:52 in the 3rd quarter

Definitely not here to toot my own horn, but this prediction was made a halftime. Could it come true?



  • to all the Saints fans!!!! they played a really great game!! there is nothing to be upset about in that loss
  • marianellydp
    "@nfl: FINAL SCORE: Packers 28, Saints 27." @alejandrodgz TOMALA
  • neworleansgutta
    0-4 Guess we are heading back to being the old saints...
  • Badd Biish Johnson
    was gne.for saints but.greenbsy won by one point 28 27
  • Damien Twin Anderson
  • Nick Freeman
    The New Orleans Saints are 0-4 and Arizona Cardinals are 4-0. No, that's not a typo.
  • XXXtraKUSHion
    RT @Shantigo: Falcons 4-0 sAints 0-4 all is well in the world
  • dchap21
    saints are the definition of disappointment
  • ReckLessNprada
    "@NOTthisFKNguy: Saints about to get they first W today lol!"tahhhh o-4.¡
  • Chris Aranda
    Sry saints fans close game, n mostly the calls were going yalls way so no blame towards the refs on this one, its still early in the season though
  • Damon P Lafontaine
    First we get Screwed against Seattle. Now these calls in the Saints Game. Really get over it. Not the first team in the NFL to get screwed over
  • KirbyWit DaDreaz
    Sigh cnt believe da saints
  • Shanky Ravindranath
    The saints lost. Y am I not surprised
  • Barbara Layton
    Within the last year I have started watching football and I went with the Saints with my friends and now this year they haven't won yet come on can I get a break and one thing go right ughhh.
  • Charles Parfait Jr.
    Papper r plastic??? If I was a saints fan it would moast deff b plastic......lmao!!!!!
  • Haha the saints lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)
  • Sam Terito
    Gonna be a long, hard, depressing season, Saints fans.
  • Brody Champagne
  • Brent Buquet
    i take my hat of to saints that was a damn good game,,, but best thing they can do is continue to loss so we can get good draft pics for next year :)
  • James Newby
    It won't pretty, but we got the win over the Saints. We needed this win. Go Pack go!
  • Torrence Joseph
    The head coach can not be underestimated after this 0-4 start. The Saints are undisciplined, under achieving, and almost unwatchable. Too many dropped passes, blown assignments, and mental mistakes to think that this team should be anything better than what they are. Winless.

Will Saints be in the Super Bowl?

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