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Louisiana Rep. Fleming, Gay Group, La. Mayor Issue Health Care Repeal Statements

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The Republican controlled-House of Representatives have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act or what its opponents call Obamacare and the commentaries from Congress people to gays to Mayors are coming in.

Here is a sample of voices from both sides of the issue:

Dr. John Fleming is a physician and small business owner and represents the 4th Congressional District of Louisiana.

“Last year when ObamaCare was passed, the President and Democrats in Congress raised all sorts of claims that it would lower insurance premiums, increase health care access and lower costs. Contrary to these claims, as this law continues to be implemented, premiums have risen, health insurance options have declined, and Medicare and Medicaid are facing significant physician shortages.


“Additionally, at a time when nearly one out of 10 Americans is out of work, ObamaCare is imposing half a trillion dollars in tax increases on families and small businesses.


“Americans understand this bill is a grab on their liberty, and they sent Washington that message loud and clear in November. Today, Republicans kept their promise to the American people to repeal this failed legislation which is a crucial first step toward restoring health care liberty to ALL Americans.”




Los Angeles, California Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

“Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress want to move the country backwards and repeal this historic legislation.  If this regressive, devastating action occurred, tens of millions of hard-working Americans would find themselves out in the cold -- no longer being guaranteed the coverage that is essential for survival and living better quality lives. In the Los Angeles area alone, it would increase the number of people without health insurance by two million and would allow insurance companies to deny coverage for up to 6.6 million people -- including 900,000 children -- with pre-existing conditions. We cannot stand by idly and allow this to happen. I would like to ask the members of Congress who are working to repeal the Affordable Care Act to transcend partisan lines and consider the countless lives that are at stake.”



The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force responded to the U.S. House's vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Statement by Rea Carey, Executive Director
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

"House leadership is trying to block access to quality health care for tens of millions of Americans — this while members of Congress enjoy comprehensive health care and benefits largely paid for by the American people. Repeal will also add a whopping $230 billion to the federal debt by 2021, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

"Fact is, the Affordable Care Act will help ensure access to health care for roughly 32 million Americans who are uninsured — including many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people — and will end some of the health insurance industry’s most egregious abuses. Proponents of repeal are trying to roll us back to the bad old days when it was perfectly okay to deny Americans adequate and affordable coverage for no sound reason; when millions of children and adults with so-called 'pre-existing conditions' were denied coverage; and when many Americans feared going bankrupt because of health care.

"Our entire country feels the negative effects of a broken and imbalanced health care system. People of color and economically impoverished people are disproportionately affected by health care disparities. The Affordable Care Act is simply a step to rectify this inequity. We thank those House members who voted 'no' on repeal and urge the Senate to hold the line against these politics-as-usual shenanigans."

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