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After SMOR poll, is Louisiana in play for Obama against Romney?

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obama-smileIs Obama presidency now in play in Louisiana for November against Romney?  

Today, SMOR, Southern Media and Opinion Research, Inc. released its most recent poll describing the political landscape in Louisiana.  The poll was paid for by Lane Grisby, a Baton rouge businessman.



The poll revealed some somewhat surprising results. Republicans have a slight lead over Democrats as the party the voters prefer to control Congress.  Mary Landrieu is the most popular statewide official, although her numbers dropped severely after the Affordable Care act vote.

Louisiana voters are not so crazy about Jindal's position snubbing the healthcare benefits from the ACA. 

But, how does that play for Obama?

Bayoubuzz asked Bernie Pinsonat of SMOR whether Obama might be able to take Romney in Louisiana ..

Does this poll mean that Obama might be in play this November?

This survey shows President Barack Obama is still very unpopular in Louisiana. Which also means President Barack Obama does not have a lot of voters out there he can add to his column.  Mitt Romney is still relatively unknown and we have seen very few presidential election ads in Louisiana. White democrats are the biggest group out there still undecided and most will vote for Romney.  Romney will carry Louisiana, maybe not as big as McCain four years ago.

The voters are relatively split on which party they want to control Congress which is good news for U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. From the numbers, some poll readers are wondering if the new numbers reflect a possibility that President Obama might be able to compete in Louisiana, this November.


  1. 16.If the election for President of the               BARACK OBAMA.......... 38.8

States were held today between Democrat Barack    MITT ROMNEY........... 44.5

Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, for whom        (UNDECIDED/DNK/WS) ...  16.7

would you vote?





  1. 16.Which political party would you prefer              DEMOCRATIC PARTY 42.0


control the U.S. Congress: the Democratic         REPUBLICAN PARTY......39.6


Party or the Republican Party?                    (NEITHER) ............13.0

(DNK/WS) 5.4


  1. 16.Do you favor or oppose the Affordable Care  FAVOR  35.6


which is the national health care reform act      OPPOSE 44


developed by President Obama's administration?    (DNK/WS) ..............



Joint is jumping for Landrieu administration and New Orleans attorney Cantrell

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