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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 08:08

Pinsonat tells why Louisiana Governor Jindal is losing popularity

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pinsonatIs the man who Newt Gingrich tabbed as a “transformational” transforming Louisiana into a not-so-satisfied state?  In a recent SMOR poll, paid for by Baton Rouge businessman Lane Grigsby, Governor Jindal is having trouble in his own state whose voters are not completely sold on him or his agenda as he continues his lameduck second-term.  Jindal’s numbers plummeting to 51% from 59% in the spring and from the mid-sixties only one year ago, More voters believe the governor should not be involved in national politics as he has been doing throughout his administration.  Also, under his administration, the voters now prefer democrats to control congress rather than republicans which many might consider to be shocking considering the pounding the democratic party has taken since Hurricane Katrina.   


Bayoubuzz asked pollster Bernie Pinsonat of SMOR: What do you think this poll means for the Jindal agenda?

Pinsonat: Survey simply points out why Governor is losing popularity. Jindal has not provided assurances to Louisiana Voters recent cuts to Charity Hospital System will not affect the patient care services. Additional cuts to the state budget, especially in the areas of higher education and health care are now very unpopular. Governor Bobby Jindal continues to tell teachers and state workers we have no money for pay raises because of declining revenues. Recently Governor Jindal hired a new cabinet secretary for over two hundred thousand a year. Voters overwhelmingly think this salary is excessive. The charity hospital system is being cut, yet we can afford to pay members of the governor staff hundreds of thousands a year. Look for big salaries for political appointees to be an issue in next governor’s race. I seriously doubt voters are now ready to raise taxes to restore cuts or hand out pay raises. This survey says voters are opposed to further cuts to the state budget by the Governor Jindal or the legislature. Enough is enough! 

Joint is jumping for Landrieu administration and New Orleans attorney Cantrell


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