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Louisiana politics: Jindal, Presidential Debate, Tea Party, Special Session, Gun Control

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obama-vacationWith the Presidential election coming up, the Louisiana political scene is lighting up.  Let’s take a trip around the world of social media and the Internet to get a glance as to what people are saying this week…





My friend, Tyler Bridges is back in New Orleans.  He once wrote for the Times Picayune focused upon the meanderings of David Duke and authored two books about Duke, both really good reads. 

Now, he is writing for the Lens, a local New Orleans online publication…and yesterday, he featured Governor Bobby Jindal…

So, here’s a look at Tyler as he discusses Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:

What’s next, Bobby?

In a career marked by a series of stepping-stone jobs – with the White House increasingly apparent as the ultimate goal –  Gov. Bobby Jindal’s future will depend on who wins November’s presidential election.

Ironically, a victory for his party’s standard-bearer, Mitt Romney, would force Jindal to postpone his presidential ambitions until 2020 because Romney would inevitably seek re-election in 2016.

A Romney victory next month would make Jindal a leading candidate for a cabinet position, but no president since Herbert Hoover in 1928 has used the cabinet as a trampoline into the White House.

Jindal could decide instead to challenge U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu in 2014 when she is up for re-election.

Jindal has shown no signs that a Senate job would interest him, but two factors could push him to run. Landrieu is the last Democrat elected statewide in an increasingly Republican state. And Jindal would face diminished access to the media and donors if he doesn’t hold elective office. He loses his keys to the governor’s mansion in three years.

So, Read more and stay in focus with the good people at the Lens


The Louisiana Democratic Party are not taking a poor performance by Barack Obama lying down.  Yesterday, they sent out an email and surely the focus for them is the Romney “lie”

Take a look at the Demos on Obama and Romney:

Key Point: The President spoke directly to voters about his vision for an economy that grows from the middle out, while Mitt Romney lied about his plans and the President's record and doubled down on the same bad ideas that crashed the economy. His debate performance doesn't change the fact that his plans don't add up and are bad for the middle class.

Facts matter and Romney didn't deliver them. He lied about his plans and President Obama's record and hid details about his plans because they're bad for the middle class.

  • Deficit: He confirmed that he opposes a single dollar in new revenue from the wealthiest to reduce the deficit. The President's balanced plan reduces the deficit by more than $4 trillion, cuts spending and asks the wealthy to pay a little more.
  • Taxes: He tried to run away from his $5 trillion tax cut favoring the wealthy, but independent economists say he'd have to raise middle-class taxes to pay for it.
  • Wall Street Reform: He refused to say what rules he'd put in place to protect consumers after repealing Wall Street reform. While President Obama is holding Wall Street accountable, Romney would let Wall Street write its own rules again.
  • Obamacare: He didn't offer a single idea to protect families from insurance company abuses after repealing Obamacare, or to protect the 51 million Americans who would be left uninsured compared to the President's plan.
  • Bipartisanship: Romney didn't reach across the aisle as governor. He was more interested in picking fights and running for President than building governing coalitions, and Massachusetts legislators have widely panned his tenure.
  • Jobs: Romney claimed his five-point plan would help create jobs, but economists have said that his budget plan could slow our recovery and eliminate jobs and that his five-point plan doesn't add up.
  • Energy: He claimed he'd make us energy independent by 2020, but even his own math proves that his drilling-only plan leaves us dependent on foreign oil.
  • Education: He said he'd improve schools but wouldn't detail how. His budget cuts would slash Pell Grants and lead to teacher layoffs, but he'd cut taxes for the wealthy. The President doubled Pell Grant funding and prevented teacher layoffs.
  • Must See: These news reports detailing the falsehoods Romney told at the debate.

The American people saw the clear contrast between where the two candidates will take the country in the next four years.

Check the Louisiana Democratic Party's Facebook page throughout the day for updates and new information. 




Not to be outdown, the Louisiana Republican Party likewise had their own talking points to consider on Wednesday’s debate…


Here is a word from Roger Villere, the Louisiana Republican Party chairman:


Dear Louisiana Republicans,

Finally, liberals and conservatives agree on something: Mitt Romney completely dominated President Obama in the first presidential debate this evening.  This is going to really fire up the troops.

During the debate, the LAGOP tweeted ~40 times and had over 45 engagements on Twitter. We initiated 7 Facebook posts which were seen by over 100,000 people and gained more than 20,000 combined post likes. Over 2,000 people have commented on those posts and we have added over 800 new likes to our since the debate. These numbers continue to grow. 

It is a great night to be a Republican and a great night to be an American. Thanks for all you are doing to defend our Constitution. Here are a few comments about the Romney victory from the all-important battleground states.

Roger Villere

Across the battleground states the reviews are in. Governor Romney won the debate because he laid out the clear choice and a clear plan for voters. President Obama was “defensive,” “perplexed,” “aggravated,” “irritated,” “flat-footed,” and “unprepared.” 


Josh McElveen, WMUR (ABC-Manchester) Political Director, New Hampshire
“We have never seen @BarackObama on the defensive like this. Unprecedented. Wrong or right. @MittRomney is on the game he needed to be on.”

Josh McElveen, WMUR, New Hampshire
“We have never seen @BarackObama on the defensive like this. Unprecedented. Wrong or right. @MittRomney is on the game he needed to be on.”

Drew Cline, Union Leader, New Hampshire

“Obama’s explanation of Obamacare is so slow and plodding and passionless.”

Dave Wedge, Boston Herald Political Reporter
“Obama looks like Rex Ryan against Belichick. Perplexed. #prezdebate #whoyagot”


Tom Fitzgerald, Philadelphia Inquirer Political Reporter, Pennsylvania
“Romney is puncturing the presidential bubble...”


Jim Heath, 10TV, Ohio
“Round One: Romney. Complete domination. It's hard to prep an any incumbent for 1st debate. Obama has work to do.”

( Due to page constraints, Bayoubuzz is limiting the tweets, but please contact the LAGOP to get the complete list of tweets that were part of the email)



Both the Louisiana democratic and republican party are not just talking presidential politics.  They are also discussing issues important to their respective party and constituents.  


This is from a recent email from the Louisiana democrats concerning the LSU board and charity hospital:  


Representative Ortego to LSU Board: Save our charity hospital system

Dear LSU board members,

Over the past few weeks I have heard from many people afraid of the decisions you will make this Thursday.

I have heard many tearful stories of minor injuries that become life threatening because someone did not have access to basic health care. Just the other day, an optometrist friend told me about a hard-working seamstress showing up at his office with significant deterioration of her vision because cuts to LSU-UMC over the past 6 months keep her from the proper treatment of her diabetes.

Is this what we are turning into? A state that strips individuals of their dignity and leaves them only to turn to the disabled rolls?

I am disappointed that the LSU board is considering changing its mind and voting on a totally different plan just two months after making a unanimous vote approving Dr. Cerise's plan. The Cerise plan essentially saved critical services preserved the LSU residency programs. It also allowed legislators an opportunity to reprioritize funding next year to protect life.

Is the board going to change its mind on major decisions like this every two months?

Over the past few weeks I have also had many young people telling me that they wanted to go to LSU for medical school but are now reconsidering because of the uncertainty surrounding your decisions.

Contrary to what the narrative has been from our governor's office, over the past decade LSU has done an excellent job at modernizing and improving efficiency to the healthcare delivery process. LSU has much to be proud of and should not allow anyone -- even the governor -- to misconstrue your record, discourage qualified applicants and destroy the reputation of your medical school.

Here are some of LSU's accomplishments:


-With now over 70% visits outpatient, LSU has shifted very fast to a model of primary care for people, saving money and lives.

-HEDIS indicators for the uninsured and Medicaid and Medicare patients in your system are outperforming indicators outside of the system in Louisiana.

-You rank in the top 20% in cost efficiency in the University Health Consortium.

I urge you to redeem our culture -- the culture of life. I urge you to save LSU medical school and its residency programs. Let the Louisiana Legislature have the chance to set priorities straight once again in Louisiana.

Life has always been our priority and our charity system has been around since 1736 to help us make life that priority.

Sincerely yours,
State Representative Stephen J. Ortego


Now, the LAGOP are also going full barrel on a very important issue to them.  This is from one of their thursday emails regarding gun owner rights and a vote on an important Louisiana constitutional amendment:


Dear Fellow Republicans,

As we saw during this week's presidential debate, the stakes couldn't be any higher as Americans head to the polls on November 6.


Here in Louisiana, we will do our part to help improve America's future by casting our electoral votes for the Romney/Ryan ticket and electing conservative leaders to local offices, the Public Service Commission and the Louisiana Supreme Court. We have the historic opportunity to set an example for the nation by passing the strongest protection of the Second Amendment in the United States. This is no ordinary election. One way or another, history will be made, and we want you to be a part of it. 

Thanks to the leadership of Governor Jindal, Senator Neil Riser, Representative Chris Broadwater and the National Rifle Association, the Louisiana Legislature adopted legislation that would give Louisiana gun owners the strongest protection in the country. This legislation will be before Louisiana voters on November 6 as Constitutional Amendment No. 2.  In August, the governing body of the Republican Party of Louisiana, the State Central Committee, unanimously adopted a resolution by Baton Rouge SCC member Bryan Jeansonne (read it here) to endorse the amendment. 


The liberals are working to defeat this amendment. Their leftwing friends in the press boldly state that gun owners don't need any more protection. Yet, we all remember the travesty that occurred during Hurricane Katrina, as looters roamed the streets of New Orleans and law abiding citizens were put in danger as their guns were seized and rights were violated. We cannot allow that to happen again. 


The language of the amendment is simple, but has profound effects. It reads: "The right of each citizen to keep and bear arms is fundamental and shall not be infringed. Any restriction on this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny." (emphasis mine)

Here is an excerpt of an article by Chris Cox, NRA-ILA Executive Director, about the importance of passing Louisiana's Constitutional Amendment No. 2.: 


"For decades, anti-gun judges and lawyers have fought against the application of “strict scrutiny” to your fundamental Second Amendment rights.  That’s because they know that without this gold standard of legal protection, gun-ban politicians are virtually unbound to pass any freedom-killing laws that infringe on your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

And in 1977, the anti-gun lobby in Louisiana got its way.

That year, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that your Second Amendment freedoms can be restricted for virtually any reason.  As a result, there is little in the Louisiana Constitution that would stop state politicians from passing even the most draconian anti-gun laws – including a ban on your right to carry a concealed firearm for protection… even if you’re in your own home!"

Please take a few minutes and click here  to read the full article. Share it with your friends, get involved and on November 6th, and VOTE YES ON 2! 

Thank you for your support,


Jindal numbers 

Speaking of Governor Jindal, the Governor and his poll numbers appear to be making some news this week. 

Bernie Pinsonat of SMOR released his fall poll which showed a 13 point drop for Jindal since last year. According to Pinsonat, the poll shows Jindal at a 51% favorable with very high unfavorables. 

Of course, we should all write off Pinsonat’s poll results when the numbers bode poorly for the Governor, right? 

Jindal’s political consultant and best friend (according to Jindal at his last inauguration),  Timmy Teepell was on key as has been his party when it comes to recent polls.  Teepell questioned the validity of the poll because it also had Obama only six points below Romney in Louisiana, so therefore, certainly, the poll is “skewed” for democrats and Jindal is not doing that poorly at all, as per Sir Tim. 


Then, maybe he might just be doing worse, or at least in a critical Baton Rouge capitol region… 

According to John Maginnis in his political weekly which was emailed out yesterday,


“A 600-sample Jim Gerstein poll for Supreme Court candidate Mary Olive Pierson in the eight-parish capital area (similar to statewide demographics) showed Jindal's approval-disapproval rating at 48-48 percent.

   While the Southern Media poll showed Jindal still strong among Republicans, at 78 percent approval, he lost the most ground among white Democrats, down to 41 percent approval. “


Jindal Gap 

While Louisiana has made significant gain in the eyes of many respected economic development publications and rating systems, we are not doing well in one detail that affects at least 47% of our state’s population: 

Louisiana ranks 2nd to last in Gender pay equality 



Louisiana voters have made it loud and clear over the past few years, in particular, that we need less government and we’re just not going to stand for any more government spending.


Leading the charge has been the various Tea Parties from around the state urging our elected officials to do more with less, as the Governor likes to put it.


So, now, the Governor will have his opportunity to show just how he will manage doing just that and the Tea Party can get a sip of what true cutbacks are like--


Deeper cuts coming to LSU public hospitals



I often enjoy reading some of the tweets from some of my favorite bloggrs and tweeters…

Lamar White, Jr ‏@CenLamar

Etch-a-sketched Mitt Romney: "I do have a plan that deals with people with pre-existing conditions." #etchasketch


Lamar White, Jr ‏@CenLamar

Etch-a-sketched Mitt Romney: "Regulation is essential. You can't have a free market work without regulation." #etchasketch


11hLamar White, Jr ‏@CenLamar

Etch-a-sketched Mitt Romney: #etchasketch


JWD ‏@BayouPerspectiv

You can't tell the Libtards this, but the Obama Admin's Unemployment rate is BS: #GonnaGetCalledRacist @michaelberrysho



One of the big  issues being heard around the state is the future of our healthcare, whether a popular Northshore hospital will be closed and if there should be a special session currently be requested by at least one legislator to deal with budget woes.


Below is an email statement by Republican Senator Jack Donahue on this very issue:



Donahue: Negotiations to save SELH in progress  


"I have heard the call for a special session to analyze the hundreds of millions of dollars in state reductions that were abruptly caused by the federal Government's change in the state's FMAP reimbursement rate.  


"I support a more open dialogue on our state's finances and would welcome a special session. However, I do not believe the best venue for the complex negotiations to save Southeast Louisiana Hospital would be in the legislative chambers.  


"The politics of geography, party, and parochialism should not shape this debate or impact this hospital.  This is a continuing critical negotiation between our parish and our state's administration. We must also consider how a legislative debate would impact the interests of a potential private health care provider who may be called upon to play a role in the future of this important health facility.  


"We are making progress on protecting Southeast Louisiana Hospital from closure on the merits of the hospital.  It is in the best interest of our community, parish and the facility that we continue with our ongoing negotiations."

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