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Louisiana DOTD issues study for New Orleans, JP Crescent City Connection

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ccc bridge at duskThe Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development's Secretary  Sherri Lebas has sent an email to President John Young and to Councilman Chris Roberts concerning a traffic study DOTD commissioned to study potential adjustments needed to convert the Crescent city Connection Bridge  linking the west and east banks of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes to toll free facility.


 The vote on election day will determine the fate of the tolls on the bridge linking New Orleans and Jefferson Parish.

Here is the email and and the pdf of the study.

President Young,


You had recently requested an update on the status of DOTD’s traffic study.  The following is an overview responsive to your letter.


DOTD commissioned a consultant to study potential adjustments needed to convert the Crescent City Connection Bridge to a toll free facility. Their proposed solution is attached for review and distribution. The issue at hand is to move traffic as efficiently and safely as possible while merging 12 lanes to the 4 lanes that cross the bridge from the west bank into New Orleans.


The independent consultant reviewed current traffic patterns and volumes and has proposed a plan forward that maintains through traffic and merges lanes further west than the current toll plaza merge point. Pending the vote on November 6, DOTD will begin collaboration efforts with local officials to adapt and stage the traffic adjustments.


Based on special events in the area – Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, etc - , construction will be phased and potential interim modifications will be made to ensure traffic moves as efficiently as possible as we move toward our final lane configuration. Additionally, DOTD will continue to study the areas on both sides of the bridge and adapt plans based on traffic adjustments and safety needs.


We look forward to working with local and state officials to make the transition and potential implementation of this plan as smooth as possible. Please distribute to interested parties as you feel is appropriate. Thank you and please let me know if you have questions.



Sherri H. LeBas, Secretary

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

See study

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