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Lindsay Lohan Gem Steal Case-- Hot Twitter Celebrity Gossip On Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan recently said I would never steal.

Lindsay Lohan is hot.  Newswise, that is.

Some feel she is making more noise on twitter than the Egypt revolution due to her necklace incident that now appears to be a real albatross around her neck.

Here are just some of the twitter posts making the rounds this morning:

Lindsay Lohan might go to jail for stealing a necklace tomorrow. I have one word to say on the matter: Azkaban.

The volume of local news coverage in LA of Lindsay Lohan necklacegate far exceeds the CNN coverage of the turmoil in Egypt.

Al Jazeera still covering Egypt, might have to tune into CNN or Fox to find up what is up with Lindsay Lohan.

Lohangoes to trial in two weeks. Her defense? "It wasn't me. It was my British twin. Bitch is jealous she hasn't worked since Parent Trap."

Mi mama dice que "amy winehouse es peor que cindy lohan

TMZ: LiLo's alleged crime a mere misdemeanor?: TMZ, of all places, is rising to Lindsay Lohan's defense: Lindsay faces prison Dina Lohan reveals plans for a celebrity gossip radio show

Listening to lindsay lohan and writing

So, check out and type in Lindsay Lohan and see for yourself.

Lohan in gem theft case: 'I would never steal' (AFP)

Judge tells Lohan she's no star in his courtroom (AP)

Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty to necklace theft (Reuters)

Lindsay Lohan charged with stealing necklace (AFP)

Lohan pleads not guilty to felony theft charge (AP)

Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty to theft (Reuters)

Lohan charged with stealing necklace (AFP)

Lohan charged with felony theft over necklace (AP)


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