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New Orleans paper war, No Boustany-Landry debate, Jindal and Louisiana Special Session

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paperboyI guess we can put the newspaper battles being raged between The Advocate and the Times Picayune into the area of politics since, in reality, to some extent, the futures of South Louisiana, New Orleans area and Baton Rouge could be shaped by the paper war. 



You recall, The Times Picayune became the three-days-per-week-print “daily” and the Baton Rouge Advocate has set into motion the Advocate New Orleans Edition to capitalize upon some pretty angry advertisers and TP subscribers. 

After the Advocate announced it would be entering into the New Orleans market, the TP returned the favor by also announcing it would be competing more in Baton Rouge. 

Unquestionably, there is plenty of jockeying going on in the local media world. 

I can personally say that at least one of those at the helm is trying to let New Orleans know that the Advocate will be its advocate.  

Some history: 

Less than three weeks ago, the day that the Advocate started its circulation into New Orleans, I received an email from one of Bayoubuzz’s subscribers who was upset and confused why his new Advocate paper had not been delivered.

 Why I received  this email, I have no clue. 

However,  as a courtesy to this subscriber who happens to live in River Ridge in Jefferson Parish, I emailed publisher David Manship informing him of the upset new Advocate subscriber. 

In the email, I gave Manship the River Ridger’s man’s name and telephone number but forgot to also forward his email address. 

Shortly afterwards, I was informed by both Manship and the subscriber that the Advocate Publisher personally called this subscriber and apologized. 

Things have not been so easy for the Advocate as there have been some problems with the circulation and delivery although I suspect those issues will be short-lived. 

After all, the race to fill the gap for those disgruntled TP readers has been a short one for the Advocate.  

I would also say a good one, so far. 

Why? According to Manship in an email response to my inquiry, The Advocate  New Orleans Edition now has “11,100 home delivery and 6000 single sales”.

Putting this into perspective, I  happened to surf the Internet and found this tidbit from a recent article

“The Advocate, which was first published in 1842, has been owned by Baton Rouge's Manship family since 1925. Its circulation is 79,238 on weekdays and 103,227 Sunday. The Manships also own WBRZ-TV, Baton Rouge's ABC television affiliate.” 

Do the math and you can see who just might be winning this war so far.

Louisiana Legislative Special Session (Update: According to Rep. Patricia Smith, the black caucus has not decided whether it supports or opposes a special session. Smith has told Bayoubuzz that Tyler Bridges will update his story) 11:03 pm

Will Louisiana legislators go into special session to reverse Governor Bobby Jindal’s cuts in health care services? 

Fat chance. 

Despite efforts by the grand mullet, C.B. Forgotson who has urged Louisiana legislators to “man-up” and be counted, such an effort seems extremely unlikely if not futile. 

Here’s the take of Tyler Bridges, writer for the Lens


A legislative bid to reverse Gov. Bobby Jindal’s cuts in health care services for the poor and uninsured seems likely to fail.


In a survey by The Lens, state legislators from Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammany parishes expressed doubt that the political will exists to call the Legislature into special session next month to restore cuts to Louisiana State University’s hospitals in New Orleans, Mandeville, Lafayette, Bogalusa, Lake Charles, Houma and Baton Rouge.


Even if they agree to call the special session, lawmakers said Jindal would veto any measure to restore the cuts. It would take a two-thirds vote in both chambers to override him.


“The politically correct thing would be to beat my chest and complain, but nothing will get done,” said state Sen. Danny Martiny, R-Kenner, who is undecided on whether to go the special-session route. “It’s senseless to go into special session and have him override us.”


Senate President John Alario, R-Westwego, and House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, R-Lake Charles, are opposed to holding the special session. So is the all-Democratic Legislative Black Caucus, which includes 32 of the 144 state lawmakers.


State Rep. Jerome “Dee” Richard, an independent from Thibodaux, has taken the lead in challenging Jindal’s hospital budget cuts.


Richard’s first step toward a special session is a petition drive. If enough House and Senate members sign on—at least one-third, or 35, House members and one-third, or 13, senators—the second step would be asking lawmakers to con

Jindal's Ribbon cut 

Governor Bobby Jindal cut the ribbon today on LSU’s new Chemistry and Materials Science Building. The Jindal Administration invested nearly $34 million to build the new facility. 

Governor Jindal said, “This 85,000 square-foot facility will expand the university’s research capacity in synthetic chemistry and provide critical facilities for research in materials science and engineering. This new facility will provide a world-class learning and teaching environment that will draw students, faculty and researchers from Louisiana and around the world. Indeed, research conducted in this new facility will have real-world applications in our state, and will be applied to manufacturing techniques, healthcare and energy production. This new facility will play a critical role in helping our chemical and engineering students get the world-class skills they need to find great jobs. That in turn will make Louisiana even more attractive to companies looking to invest, expand and create jobs here in Louisiana.” 

The Governor added, “Louisiana’s chemical industry employs approximately 30,000 people. With the pipeline of major petrochemical projects in play for Louisiana, we expect to need even more high-quality chemists, researchers, and engineers to sustain and grow this industry. Major investments by global companies, including Methanex, Dyno Nobel, Dow, ExxonMobil, and BASF, have selected Louisiana for major projects, and it’s critical that our universities produce a qualified workforce for this growing industry. This new building will be a major driver to help produce more folks who can work in our state’s chemical industry. The bottom line is that this investment will help keep more of our sons and daughters here at home who want to pursue careers in the chemical industry, and it will make our state even more attractive for companies who want to invest, expand and create jobs.” 

The building has 140 work areas for faculty, and expands LSU’s chemistry department space by 50 percent and the total research space by 63 percent. The bottom floor of the new building will house major instrumentation to support materials science, chemistry, and other science-engineering areas. The facility will also feature two multipurpose laboratories that will be used for general holding instruments and faculty research.  Six large six-person synthetic labs will occupy the center of the building and feature shared student office space in front of each lab.  

Since 2008, Governor Jindal has supported nearly $700 million dollars in funding for higher education infrastructure investments across the state.  This total includes more than $200 million in funding for LSU and the Baton Rouge research community.

(Jindal Press Release)


Landry vs. Boustany Debate Cancelled 

Those wanting to know more about the two candidates running for Congress in the 3rd congressional district might have to be satisfied with commercials. 

According to the Melissa Deslatte of the AP,  

The only debate planned between the two Louisiana congressmen running against each other for re-election has been canceled.

Republican U.S. Reps. Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry were scheduled to debate each other Monday on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus. But ULL officials announced the event won't happen.

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