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Louisiana GOP Chairman Villere not laughing about Biden's debate performance

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villerePicking up the Republican mantra of the GOP criticism of Joe Biden's vice-presidential debate performance, Roger Villere, chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party criticized what he calls the "laughing", "cocky", "smirks"  behaviors of Biden.



GOP Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere today issued the following statement in response to last night's vice-presidential debate:

With twenty-five days remaining until Election Day, the Obama campaign is having a hard time keeping up with America's Comeback Team: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. At last night’s debate, along with more empty rhetoric, Vice President Biden showed his frustration through rude interruptions and cocky smirks.

Vice President Biden laughed again and again when asked to explain why twenty-three million Americans still can’t find work. He smiled and chuckled when pressed for the reasons why forty-three million Americans are now forced to rely on food stamps. And he smirked when an explanation was sought for his administration's failure to protect our ambassador and diplomatic staff in Libya.

Apparently Joe Biden believes the joke's on us, the American people.

His constant over-talking of Rep. Paul Ryan was unbecoming of a man occupying this nation's second-highest office and greatly diminished the seriousness with which a debate of this stature should be treated.

Rep. Paul Ryan once again showed great command of the important issues facing this country in a smart and respectful manner and reminded conservatives why Gov. Mitt Romney selected him as his running mate. He represented himself and the Republican ticket well.

Last night provided us with yet another example of why this election has come down to a clear choice between two very different visions for America. Vice President Biden continued to blame others for the Obama administration's failure to turn this faltering economy around and get this country moving again, while Rep. Ryan outlined in detail his and Gov. Romney's plans to create 12 million new jobs, preserve and rebuild our military forces, restore an American foreign policy that's unapologetic and puts this nation's interests first.

The Vice President of the United States should conduct himself in a professional manner and not in a manner that invites comparison to a cartoon character.

As we approach the final weeks of this campaign, I encourage Republicans across America to get involved. On November 6th, history will be on our side, and you don’t want to miss out. Contact your local Republican Party, talk to your friends about the election, make a contribution and remember to support America’s Comeback Team at all levels of government. Let’s get America back on track.

Roger Villere
Republican Party of Louisiana



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