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Louisiana Jindal On Fundraiser To Tex, Missouri,No Opponent Yet

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is on the fundraiser road again campaigning for his own re-election.

In a scheduling note emailed by his press secretary, Kyle Plotkin, “Today, Governor Bobby Jindal will travel to Kansas City, Missouri and Texas City, Texas to attend fundraisers in support of his gubernatorial reelection campaign. The Governor will return to Baton Rouge this evening.”

Earlier this week, it was reported that Jindal has 9 million dollars in his campaign war chest having raised over 3.6 million in 2010.

So far, the Louisiana Governor has no opponent.

Question: With no opponent and with over 9 million dollars in the bank, but with an upcoming election, is it fair to criticize Governor Jindal for engaging in fundraisers outside (or even inside) Louisiana?  Tell us below what you  think:

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Louisiana Jindal On Fundraiser To Tex, Missouri,No Opponent Yet

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