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Herman Cain, Raises Yes He Can, At Tea Party Event

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Jeff Crouere--Louisiana PoliticsOn Saturday at the Fleur de Lis Center in Mandeville, LA, Herman Cain wowed a jammed packed crowd of hundreds of tea party activists. Cain addressed the Northshore Tea Party on a host of important issues, such as the “broke” federal government, the importance of faith in America today and his potential run for the White House in 2012.

If the enthusiastic response at the Northshore Tea Party is any indication of the reaction Cain is receiving from across the nation, the former radio broadcaster and corporate CEO will jump into the wide open race for the Republican nomination.

At the current time, Cain is not an official candidate and is “exploring” the race. He said that he is considering the race because of his concern for his grandchildren and what type of country will await future generations. He quit his radio show to travel across the country and meet with Americans. He has formed a presidential exploratory committee to gauge support and raise funds. In the past few weeks, he has been extremely busy and is in demand as a keynote speaker.

Before speaking to the Northshore Tea Party event, Cain addressed a huge crowd in Madison, Wisconsin. Cain supports the budget cuts announced by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He believes that decisive action is necessary to prevent the state from becoming “dead broke.” According to Cain, tough decisions are also needed at the federal level, but politicians seldom do the right thing.

It is refreshing to hear from a potential presidential candidate who is not a politician. Cain has spent years in the business world, serving as an executive with the National Restaurant Association and as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He believes his skills at turning around failing corporations can be used to change the misguided policies of our federal government.

Considering how poorly our elected officials have dealt with our nation’s predicaments, it is quite refreshing to note that Cain is not a politician. He certainly can’t do any worse than the elected officials who usually just create bigger problems. Our country has seen quite enough of politicians in Washington since most of them are too timid to take the bold action necessary to correct our fiscal dilemmas. A political outsider will be more independent and more likely to make forceful decisions. As an African American conservative, Cain might even be able to recruit more African Americans to the Republican Party.

Cain is also a devout Christian who is not bashful about expressing his faith. In his Northshore Tea Party speech, he faulted President Obama for claiming that the United States is not a “Christian nation.” He said, “I’ve got news for you, Mr. President. We are a Judeo-Christian nation and we’re going to keep it that way.”

He also credited the Founding Fathers for penning that “great document, the Declaration of Independence.” Once again, Cain noted his differences with President Obama, stating, “Unlike our current President and others, I do not believe it (the Declaration of Independence) needs to be rewritten or I do not believe you need to leave out ‘endowed by their Creator.’”

Herman Cain speaks from his heart and is an excellent communicator. Unlike some of the potential GOP presidential candidates, he has a keen intellect, passion and is very persuasive. In his Mandeville address, he spoke for approximately 30 minutes without any notes or teleprompter. Clearly, his considerable skills have been honed by years as a radio talk show host on Atlanta’s WSB.

With a wide open GOP presidential field, Cain is likely to catch fire and become a top tier candidate. Republicans need someone who will be able to go toe to toe with Obama and match his liberal philosophy with strong conservative convictions. Cain has the zeal, the speaking ability and the good old fashioned common sense to connect with the American people. Republican voters should give him every consideration. In fact there is no reason why Herman Cain should not be at the very top of the list.

Here is a link to Cain's speech to the Northshore Tea Party:


Herman Cain at Northshore Tea Party

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