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Susie Labry sheds sunshine on Louisiana film industry

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labryIn many ways, Susie “Louisiana Sunshine” Labry personifies the movie industry in Louisiana.



She is a hard-working, industrious woman who intensely loves the state and who saw this new industry as a means to remake her life and that of others.

Years ago when the film tax credits were in limbo, Susie Labry faced the legislative committee and spoke from her heart about what the brand new industry had done for her personally.

I watched her committee speech via the Internet.  She articulated the emotions and aspirations of so many in this state who were tired of seeing their kids and their jobs exported.   The film industry gave her and others hope.  The legislators in that committee clearly felt her passion and I believe her homey- presence made a difference in their votes.

Since those days, she has been a fixture within the movie industry. Whether she is at the capitol, or at her film Baton Rouge meetup group, or at her computer updating her casting calls emails, Labry has become a noted member of this industry.

At a recent New Orleans Film Festival event, I ran into Susie and asked if I could interview her with my iphone.  She agreed.  The idea of using a cell phone camera at the film festival to do an interview was just too intriguing for both of us to pass up.  

I asked her about the preservation of an industry under attack by various organizations and legislators who are looking for dollars to fill the budget deficit and who see billions lost to our treasury due to some sort of tax reducing instrument.  That was the issue years ago when she faced the legislature and that is the issue now as Louisiana lawmakers rethink budget priorities.

The message is the same and spoken not by a movie mogul or industry giant but by a woman trying to etch out an existence in a state that yearns for an identity, jobs and respect


About Susie Labry

http://www.louisianasunshine.net/filmlinks.html (Great links to Louisiana film industry)

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