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Chehardy: Romney won debate and needs to beat Obama election day

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Health reformThe second presidential debate did little to shed new light on either candidate.  For President Obama he gave his campaign stump speech in answer to every question he was asked.  Mitt Romney gave his most compelling argument in favor of defeating the president by saying the American people can do better. 



Both CNN and CBS news declared Obama the winner of the debate based on post debate polling.   A FOX News focus group of undecided voters conducted by pollster Frank Luntz declared Romney the winner.  In my opinion, if a voter was already committed to one of the candidates, that voter came away from the debate confident that he or she made the right choice.  But, if that voter was at all shaky about his/her choice, be it Obama or Romney, Mitt Romney’s performance should sway that person to his side.

As with most debates little changes unless a candidate makes a serious blunder.  In the first debate Obama’s performance was embarrassing.  As a sitting president Mr. Obama looked detached and removed.  He looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but where he was.  The result was a disaster.  His poll numbers dropped, and voter confidence was further eroded after the performance of Vice-President Joe “The Joker” Biden laughed and snarled his way through the Vice-Presidential debate.  The president has made up for his and his vice president’s performance in the first two candidate debates.  So damage control has set in for the president.

Mitt Romney’s performance in the first debate was outstanding.  He was the clear winner.  Thanks to Joe Biden’s condescending performance in the VP debate, Paul Ryan was the big winner.  The race has evened up again after the second presidential debate, and the third presidential debate will tell the tale and have a major impact on the outcome of the election.

What I found particularly striking was the contrast between Obama and Romney.  Mitt Romney laid out a convincing argument against the re-election of President Obama and summing it all up with a simple phrase, “We don’t have to live like this,” a phrase he should use for the rest of the campaign.   The president, on the other hand, simply attacked Romney over and over again.  Each time Mitt Romney laid out his position which had been misrepresented by President Obama.  But that did not deter Mr. Obama.  He kept saying what he wanted to say without regard to anything Mr. Romney said.

The exchange between the moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN, President Obama, and Mitt Romney was especially telling.  On the question of the attack in Libya on the U.S. Embassy it has been clearly proven that the Obama administration repeatedly called the attack a response from a YouTube video when it became abundantly clear following the attack that it was a premeditated terrorist attack on our embassy.  Despite the obvious the administration sent its U.N. Ambassador to the Sunday talk shows to proclaim that the attacks were the result of the video when everyone else knew better.  The president on “The View” and before the United Nations failed to call the attack an act of terrorism.

Mitt Romney fell off his game when the president said he called it a terrorist attack from the Rose Garden.  In a highly unethical move the moderator sided with the president.  Romney seemed to fall apart.  It was a shame he did because he could have easily shown that both the president and the moderator were wrong.  The “terror” comment made by Mr. Obama in the Rose Garden was a generic reference to attacks on U.S. interest around the world.  It was not a declaration that the Libyan attack was a terrorist attack.  Mitt Romney missed a golden opportunity.  The president found himself unable to admit that Al Qaeda attacked our embassy when he was declaring on the campaign trail that Al Qaeda was back on its heels?  Now, when confronted with the facts, he is the last person to admit it was a terrorist attack.  Misleading the American people is not leadership.

Here are the facts.  Our country is in a bad way.  The economy is not good.  Between unemployment, underemployment, and those who have given up on looking for work, far too many people are without a job they are trained for or simply without a job.  Mr. Obama’s solution is to raise taxes on small businesses and the job creators.  Budget projections for the foreseeable future predict more and bigger deficits.  It is expected that Obama Care will also adversely affect unemployment as businesses will fail to make new hires for fear of the added costs of Obama Care and the associated taxes that go with it.  Numerous businesses will relegate full time employees to part time status to avoid added expenses imposed by Obama Care.  If this path is not altered, our economy will crash, and everyone will suffer especially the poor and the middle class, the very people Mr. Obama says he wants to help by expanding the role of government and increasing the deficit.  The future is not bright. 

This election should be about where we have been and can President Obama pull our nation out of the doldrums in the next four years.  There is no reason to think he can or that he will.  If President Obama is re-elected, the next four years will look like the past four.  Our economy will continue to drag as long as the president’s current policies remain in effect.  There is no reason to believe that President Obama will lead America to economic prosperity.  Rather, all indications are that we will head down the same road that has made our economy worse.  If we don’t reverse course, we will be the next Greece or Spain where economic chaos rules the day.

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