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Shame: Smelling like Goodell, NFL Bounty sham against New Orleans Saints

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goodellThe public relations war is on as players, fans pundits pick up the pieces after the New Orleans bounty hearing at NFL central on Monday.

Here is just a sample of those who feel the Saints have been robbed due to flaws in the NFL’s and Goodell’s case:


Try this from Ed Werder of ESPN
edwerderespn Ed Werder
Inconsistencies revealed in NFL vs. Saints creates questions. One source told me, "This is the biggest shame in the HISTORY OF SPORTS.''

And, this from the blog Saintswin.blogspot. Make sure you read the rest of the post.

1) FLAW: First, if the NFL's investigation was so comprehensive and airtight, why couldn't they identifyexactly how many players were involved? Why the nebulous range? More importantly, why were only four players punished if, at the least, 22 were involved?

Additionally, nowhere in any of the evidence the NFL has disclosed is there any indication of misdeeds occurring during 2010. The only accusations beyond those in 2009 (three games) are an alleged bounty on Aaron Rodgers in the opening game of 2011 season (more on these games later). How does this constitute violations for three consecutive seasons?

*2) ALLEGATION: More from SI's Peter King in his original report on the scandal:

Goodell is angry about this sustained use of paying players to hurt players on other teams. "The payments here are particularly troubling because they involved not just payments for performance, but also for injuring opposing players," Goodell said in a league statement Friday afternoon.
>2) FLAW: Where has "sustained use" to "hurt players" ever been shown? Moreover, what opposing players were ever deliberately injured? And who was paid for doing so? Does anyone know the answer to these simple questions? Or is it just some baseless PR drivel the NFL hopes to pawn off as truth?

The Bounty Report

The NFL will create a vehicle for the anonymous reporting of the existence of bounties

This came in response to Commission Roger Goodell and Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois announced that a tip line will be created for anyone who wishes to let the league know about the assistance of bounties, according to Ted Barrett of

The league moved so aggressive against the Saints' coaches and players because the NFL knew that it needed to create the impression that swift and decisive action was being taken, even if the evidence on which effort on which the effort to punish players is based possibly on real flaws.

Saints told Goodell he wanted to take a lie detector test to prove he was wrongly linked to the bountygate.

Disgrunted players will embelish the facts in order to generate more problems. If it's truly anonymous, there will be no acountably whatsover for making false charges. The false charges inevitably will be made.

Stay tuned.

Now that the NFL has linked Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt in with players accused of founding the alleged bounty, the coach has responded aggressively and has offered to take a lie detector test regarding the Brett Favre allegations.

When imposing discipline on the coaches involved in the bounty program, the league didn't accuse Vitt of contributing money to the pay-for-injury effort. More recently, however, the league has publicly claimed that Vitt pledged $5,000 to the Favre bounty fund, via evidence produced in advance of the appeals hearing on Monday.

The evidence the NFL shared with 12 national reporters on Monday stated Vitt contributed $5,000 to the $35,000 bounty placed on Favre prior to the NFC title game in 2010.

SAINTS NOTEBOOK: Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has leaped to No. 14 in the penultimate edition of "The Top 100 Players of 2012." Only 10 names are left on the list, that likely include Drew Brees...Tulane coach Curtis Johnson wanted suspended coach Sean Payton to help him coach his first Green Wave team, but discovered the NFL suspension given the Saints coach is prohibited to help college teams. Johnson, former Saints wide receivers coach, has nine pledges for his 2013 recruiting class. Johnson wants New Orleans area players. He pointed out that Florida was the No. 1 signing state of high school players and Louisiana was second in the nation. He plans on winning with Louisiana players...
SOME hither: The Hornets will host a draft party on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Arena. The party will feature live music, interactive games, specials on Hornets Nest merchandise as well as appearances by Hugo, the Honey bees and Hornets broadcasters...Trivia quiz: How many Heisman Trophy winners have the Saints drafted?...

John Clayton, ESPN pro football writer, has the Saints going 9-7 and not making the playoffs this season. He thinks the offseason turmoil will take its toll on the Saints. I think the Saints can win 10 games and make the playoffs...

Former Saints practice squad DT Earl Heyman, who was on the sidelines during the NFC Championship Game, in which a microphone picked up a Saints player saying "pay me the money," told on Wednesday that the player in question was not Anthony Hargrove. The NFL, in presenting evidence to players ahead of the appeals hearing, identified Hargrove, now with the Packers, as the player who uttered those words...Trivia answer: Six. Danny Wuerffel, George Rogers, Reggie Bush, Ricky Williams, Mark Ingram and Paul Hornung. Hornung? The Saints drafted him in the expansion draft in 1967...


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