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U.S. women poll: Romney or Obama would be better President for women's issues?

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Which candidate would be a better president for U.S. women--Obama or Romney?

momsThe democrats believe they have the “leg up” on women’s issues claiming Romney has flip-flopped all over the place on the issue of  “choice” with his now saying he is solidly pro-life although admittedly being  pro-choice before being pro-life.

The women’s vote has become even more important since Romney has begun to make serious inroads in reducing the gap between President Obama and him.  However, the Obama campaign has seized upon the gaffe Romney made during the second debate in which is used the words “binders full of women” in describing his efforts to recruit females into his government while he was Governor.  Ultimately, while Governor of Massachusetts he had more women in his administration than any other top state executive in the country.  

His wife, or possibly the future first lady told The View today that she is pro-life. 

The Obama’s?  There is no ambiguity, they favor choice.

But, there are many other issues other than reproductive ones.  There is the issue of jobs, women’s mobilities, discrimination, violence 

against women, women’s pay, employment matters, healthcare and the list simply goes on endlessly.

Throughout the election, Romney has focused upon women and jobs claiming the Obama administration has been especially hard upon the weaker sex as it comes to jobs due to the poor economy.

So, which candidate do you believe will be best for women over the next four years—Mitt Romney or President Obama?  Take our poll below and share with others.


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