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Chad Rogers: Louisiana Governor's Office Wields Too Much Power

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After the Jindal Foundation story broke, Bayoubuzz sent out questionnaire to some well-respected political minds to put this nationally-discussed issue into perspective.

Here are the “e-questions and answers” with Chad Rogers, the Publisher and Editor of the popular Louisiana-focused news and political site, The Dead Pelican. 

Bayoubuzz:  Do you think there is any merit to the CREW claim or do you think the organization and/or the New York Times is out to get Governor Jindal?

Rogers:The bigger issue to me is the amount of power that the governor has.   The New York Times article suggested that Marathon Oil, needed  approval from the Jindal admin. to increase the amount of oil it can refine at its Louisiana plant. 

 Let's put aside Jindal for the moment.  Think about the power of his office. Simply put, the governor of Louisiana (whether it be Jindal or someone else) wields too much power.

The Marathon Oil example shows how a business cannot move forward without one man's  (the governor's) support.

Bayoubuzz: Did Jindal do anything unethical?

Rogers:I don't know.  But the amount of power concentrated  in his position leaves potential for unethical behavior.

Bayoubuzz: What impact, if any, will this story have upon Jindal politically? 

Rogers: It is doubtful that this will impact his re-election bid.  Jindal has shown himself to be a masterful politician. He's amassed a war chest large enough to scare away most would-be opponents.  Opposition from within his own party is doubtful. The Louisiana Democratic party is in tatters, with the party losing elections statewide and veteran Democrats switching parties.

 As it stands right now, Jindal will face only token opposition, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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