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Louisiana Democratic Party Questions Jindal On Louisiana Board Of Regents Money

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Baton Rouge - A report by a Baton Rouge television station that 8 of the 9 members of the Louisiana Board of Regents appointed by Governor Jindal have contributed heavily to his campaign raises troubling questions that remain unanswered by the Governor’s office, Louisiana Democrats say.


The investigative report by WAFB’s I-Team found that all but one of Jindal’s appointees to the Board, which oversees public higher education in Louisiana, contributed to the Governor’s re-election effort, some within weeks of the date of their appointment.


“8 out of 9 is never a coincidence,” said Louisiana Democratic Party spokesman Kevin Franck. “Louisiana families deserve to know if appointments to the Board of Regents are for sale to the highest bidder.”


Louisiana Democrats have asked Governor Jindal to answer these basic questions regarding his appointments to the Board of Regents:


  1. Did the Governor or any member of his staff in any way indicate to candidates for the Board of Regents that their appointment was the result of, or dependent upon, campaign contributions to the Jindal campaign?
  2. Did the Governor or any member of his staff indicate that candidates for the Board of Regents would be required to raise money for the Jindal campaign beyond the amount each was allowed to give as an individual?
  3. Does the appearance of unethical or illegal behavior in the Governor’s appointments to the Board of Regents conform to the Governor’s professed “gold standard” for ethical behavior by public officials?


“If everything was on the up and up, then the Governor should have no problems answering these basic questions,” Franck said. “If the Governor cannot answer these questions honestly, then we believe there should be an investigation by the appropriate authorities.”

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