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Jindals Foundation Story Reverberates Across Louisiana, World

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School is out as to what political damage, if any, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is facing after the organization CREW and the New York Times outed the first-term governor in a investigation in which Jindal and his wife, Supriya, are being portrayed as walking a fine line on ethics.

Jindal had promised Louisiana that he would raise the gold standard and depending upon whom you talk with, that pledge has met mixed reviews.

However, to date, there has not been any story theme that has the potential of causing political harm to the first Indian-American governor.

Yet, some see nothing wrong with what the JIndals have done and feel the media is engaging in character assassination.  

Regardless, articles have appeared in thousands of pages in print as well as on the Internet raising the specter that something in Louisiana is amiss.

Then, if so, in an interview the Executive Director of CREW made it clear that what the Jindals have done is no different than what countless of other politicians have done across the U.S.   Elected officials and their family members have started foundations that tap into corporate sources who are maxed out in their campaign contributions.  By funding the foundations, corporations can do things for the community, help the elected officials appear to be dedicated public servants. It’s a win-win-win for the corporation, the politicians and for the community.

So, what is wrong with that?

Here are some of the news stories that have been generated since the incident flashed upon the international stage.  Bayoubuzz will update insights from other news sources and articles to bring balance to this ongoing political drama:

Anne Rolfes of the environmental group, the Bucket Brigade.

"Yeah, that's right. It's the appearance of, it's unethical behavior right? You're giving a family member money,"

Bobby Jindal, as someone who has tried to be a poster boy for ethical behavior should avoid it, at all costs,"

Supriya Jindal

"I think the New York Times might be surprised that the first lady of la has an interest in math and science and is passionate about the children of Louisiana and she can actually do something on her own," Mrs. Jindal said.

The Indian Express

The foundation's treasurer, Alexandra Bautsch, also serves as Jindal's chief fundraiser. In 2009, Jindal's campaign paid Bautsch and her Baton Rouge-based company, the Bautsch Group LLC, USD 97,146 for fundraising and travel expenses.

"The Jindal Foundation did not report paying Bautsch in 2009, although the foundation's initial IRS filing reports Bautsch devoted an average of five hours per week to her job as treasurer," the report alleged.


Never underestimate the ability of money to, like water, sluice around the obstacles presented by campaign-contribution or public-corruption laws to eventually slosh somewhere near politicians.

So, see, if you raise any questions about what many reasonable people would see as a potential if not clear conflict of interest, obviously the problem is with you, you partisan hack.

Then again, maybe not. Will Sentill

“All of this takes place eight months before the gubernatorial primary.

Jindal remains a heavy favorite to win a second term.

He may well coast to re-election without so much as a runoff.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders hope the foundation story starts to change the political landscape.

They hope it can help unravel a seemingly unbeatable governor who has made ethics reform his rallying cry.

Democrats may at least get a boost in finding a credible challenger for the state’s top office.”

News Star—guest opinion by Joshua Stockley, a professor of political science at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Donations occur; fines disappear, regulations adjusted, beneficial legislation passed. The donations may be for a good cause, but it looks improper. It looks like bribery. In fact, Jindal's fundraiser doubles as the treasurer for the Jindal Foundation. That doesn't look good either.

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