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Saturday, 20 October 2012 14:50

Will Kate Middleton photos be be topless, baby-less or mom of King

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katemiddletonThe rumor-mill has it that the topless and bottomless Kate Middleton and her hub Prince William no longer wants to be baby-less.

The new British royal pinup who also could be the next Queen of England is reportedly hoping to get pregnant.  The reason?  To boost her now tarnished public image.



Ever since she was photographed in the raw at a private villa in France, her body has been the talk of the town.

That is, until the Royals decided to go after the paparazzi and take legal action against them.

Since the Kate Middleton fashion or perhaps unfashionable body revelations, much of the media hype from the palace has been how the Duchess of Cambridge’s privacy has been violated.

Perhaps it was although there has been considerable debate whether she had any expectation of privacy in the first place.

Now, out of the celeb sheets, maybe it was not so bad after all to be topless.

 The busty British brunette — who’s married to Prince William — was left mortified when pictures her naked butt and breasts were published online, so she’s hoping news of a pregnancy will give her some positive press.

“Kate is very aware of her public image,” a source said. “She was worried the topless pictures might affect the way people see her.

“She’s very proud of her status as a down-to-earth fashionista, and she’s looking to hold on to it!

“Kate and William are longing for a baby. And Kate knows that if she did get pregnant, it would make news around the world — and detract away from the picture scandal. It’ll be win win.”

Meanwhile, sources say Kate isn’t overly confident about her body — but reading some of the comments about her figure on the internet has boosted her ego.

“Kate has always been insecure about her body,” a source said. “While she wasn’t amused that the world’s media published photos of her topless and naked, she has been given something of a boost from the whole scandal.

Nothing a little baby in tow wouldn’t cure, right?  Well, perhaps not so.  After all, pregnancy plays havoc with the bod.  Kate Middleton and Prince William just might want to decide if they want her life to be a private (or public) model of beauty or perhaps if she wants to raise a future King.

Only her internal maternal clock might know for sure.

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