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Saints’ Heath Evans Calling Adrian Peterson, Idiot, In Slavery Comment, Wrong

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson compared the NFL owners' treatment of the players to "modern-day slavery."

Saints fullback Heath Evans issued a critical assessment of Peterson's words.

"I wish I had the athletic ability of his like in his little finger," said Evans on WWEL, via "He's an idiot, and what he said was moronic at best."

The veteran Saints fullback said the owners are licking their chops every time a player says the wrong thing, such as when players like Nick Collins and Antonio Cromartie say players should attend the draft at a time when the NFLPA is saying players should avoid the draft.

"What we have to avoid is the Nick Collins, the Cromartie comments," said Evans. "And those comments, they hurt us, and ultimately that is what the owners are banking on."

Evans is right that players making publicly boneheaded statements can only help the owners' side, which might be a good reason for Evans not to call his fellow players idiots.

Idiots will continue to talk and say the wrong things.

By Ed Staton

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Ed Staton

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