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Monday, 21 March 2011 20:00

Video Attacks North Louisiana Politicians Over Redistricting

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The mud is already flying as the Louisiana legislative session focusing upon reapportionment takes off at the State Capitol. 

A video depicting North Louisiana politicians as sleezy card-playing, drinking, uncaring, greedy scums out to keep two North Louisiana Congressman at the expense of South Louisiana has hit the Internet airwaves.

At issue is whether north or south Louisiana should keep a Congressman which the state will lose because of population loss this past decade.  

Louisiana will lose one congressman and will reduce its delegation from 7 to 6.

The video is the first shot fired in what promises to be a very nasty floor fight.

The video does not state label its creator or individual or organization that funded the project other than “Protect South Louisiana”.

The text associated with the video states:

Politicians are playin' games. It's time to redraw the Louisiana congressional district lines and there's a whole-lotta backroom deals being made
to determine where those new lines should be drawn. Politicians up in North Louisiana want to keep 2 congressional districts, even though there's only enough population up there for one. But that doesn't matter to them. They're just gonna grab what they can take from South Louisiana to compensate for their loss of residents. Over half the parishes in North Louisiana
shrunk in population since 2000. With some parishes losing as much as 25%.
But some parishes in South Louisiana have grown more than 35% in the last 10 years.
It would be unfair for South Louisiana to lose a Congressional District so that the North can keep Two! How could our State Legislators allow this to happen? Washington is threatening to destroy our economy in South Louisiana with this oil-drilling-moratorium. And now they're telling us that we have to lose representation in Washington? What's gonna happen to South Louisiana if we lose a Congressman? This is happening at the
State Capitol RIGHT NOW. State Legislators need to represent US and preserve the economy of South Louisiana. They need to preserve OUR "way of life".

...South Louisiana NEEDS FIVE Congressmen in Washington.

Bayoubuzz wants to know whether you feel the video is fair or unfair, appropriate or inappropriate, air or inaccurate?

Does it help or hurt what already appears to be a very harsh debate?

What about the merits of the video--Should south or north Louisiana keep their Congressman?

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