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Friday, 22 June 2012 05:44

Nothing Karney about calling former New Orleans Saints team, evil

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paytonThe Saints are supposed to be “Saintly”, not evil.  Even the New Orleans Saints.

However, former Saints Mike Karney has other thoughts about his former team due to the bounty ordeal.


As reported by USA today, "Evil does not prevail," Karney told the New Orleans Times Picayune. "Everything in life eventually comes back to you full circle. It brought them a Super Bowl championship (in 2009). But it also brought them a lot of bad baggage. There's a lot of evil in that organization."

The NFL says the slide was shown in a Saints defensive meeting prior to a game vs. St. Louis in 2009, where Karney landed after being released by the team on the night of the rehearsal dinner for his wedding.

The slide showed photos of Karney under the headline "MIKE (EXPLETIVE) KARNEY," and read:

"One game is a small sample size. Two consecutive games might be a trend. According to Mike Sando's latest post on ESPN, the Rams averaged only 1.5 yards per carry with Karney as a lead blocker in Games... and 8.6 (yards per carry) from a single-back set.

"Though St. Louis Rams fullback Mike Karney says he has 'moved on' from the insensitive timing of his release by Saints officials eight months ago, it appears the cut hasn't completely healed."

NFL Summertime Paine

Thomas Paine didn't have NFL players in mind when wrote These are the times that try men's souls, but the coaches know their players often go astray without supervision in the summer break before training camp. And, their souls are tried.

The players have concluded OTAs and are off to vacation for some rest and rehabilitation before the grind of training camp begins. This time is the league's most perilous time. In a relatively unsupervised period for the only extended stretch of the year, some careless players adopt an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality, and succumb to temptation.

Saint coach Sean Payton would tell his players "if you're going to drink have a driver or take a cab, you can afford it. Avoid places where there is trouble because you will be a target."

Coaches advise their players about exercising prudence, wariness and self control during the unsupervised time.

Bleacherreport has written an interesting article about the athletes and trouble.

From 2000-2010, law enforcement officials arrested one in every 45 player on average, one-third of those players for drunk driving.

Being an athlete, these guys don't know when to say "I can't." Being young and male, you can't stupidity is exclusive to athletes.

A study performed by the State of California revealed that 80 per cent of DUI offenders are male, and the average is around 30. More revealing, the group with the highest impairment  rate were drivers from age 21-24 which fits many players.

But NFL players commit DUI at a rate of one in 144, compared to a national average of one in 135.

This time of year coaches stay awake at night, knowing that silence is golden.

During the weeks before training camps open, blockbuster stories about NFL players are all but nonexistent.

The coaches hope it stays that way.


Brees will be on "Late Show with David Letterman" on Tuesday night. It will be his third appearance on the show and his first since March 2010. It's unknown whether the quarterback will reveal anything new about his contract negotiations with the Saints. Letterman, in the past, has produced some nuggets with NFL guests on his show. In April 2008 Brett Favre dropped a hint that he possibly might be coming back, despite retiring a month earlier.

Brees' stand to get what he wants is no different than what Tom Benson, who has acquired two professional franchises, has done plenty of times. Otherwise, he never would have acquired his wealth ($1.1 billion).

SOME hither, others yon: If Gregg Williams wants to talk, he apparently at Monday's appeal hearing, lawyer Peter Ginsberg claimed that the league had issued a gag order preventing Williams and other Saints players and other Saints employees from speaking about the situation. According to the AP, the league denies the existence of a gag order. Ginsberg also claimed that Williams and former Saints assistant Mike Cerullo (thought to be the bounty whistle-blower) retracted their statements that were involved in a bounty program. The league denies that they have retracted their comments...

Congratulations to the Miami Heat (Florida was the only state pulling for them), particularity LaBron James for winning his first ring as well as picking up the Finals MVP award. Also to Dwayne Wade for getting his second ring, and to Chris Bosh for turning last year's tears into this year's Cristal. Just remember Kevin Durant, Bosh was in the same spot as you last year, and look at him now...Reggie Bush thinks he'll have a different role in the Dolphins offense this season. He was the featured back last season, but expects to split wide more and run less between the tackles...

We have been told over and over that the NFL is a business.Usually, when a player is traded or cut, he dusts off that old saying for the media.

This offseason, Drew Brees is being held hostage at the barrel end of a franchise tag. He has said he will not sign the franchise tag contract, and will hold out for a longterm contract worth about $20 million a year. High? How much does owner Tom Benson make?

While the tag was put in place for teams to try and retain their star players, lately, it has been used more as a way to not give a team's star the longterm deal they have earned.

Brees has been forced to take a stand which makes him look selfish, "in it for the money" type. "Show me the money."  I don't look for it to happen in New Orlean, but wielding of the franchise tag by teams will start to backfire and force star players like Matt Forte of the Bears to leave their clubs as soon as they can for a team with more perceived player loyalty. Players from the old Bears teams liked to say the Bears owners threw nickels arouind like tehy were manhoule covers.

The  rumors continue to circle around Brees and his new contract extension. Reports have been that the two sides were getting close to a deal. Now, the negotiations are expected to go down to the wire like the owners/player union lockout two years ago.

Everyone knows the Saints will be in trouble without Brees. With Brees, they can win or 11 games and return to the postseason. Without Brees, the Saints will win 5 or 6 games.

The deal will probably get done by the July 16 deadline. If he doesn't agree to terms, Brees will be faced withn the decison to sit out or not. No one knows for sure if Brees will go through sitting out the entire season

Of course the Who Dat Nation doesn't want it to get to that point. They want their All-Pro quarterback signed so they can  discuss whether or not the Saints will make a Super Bowl run.

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