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Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, The Tax Raiser

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by: Lamar Parmentel

"Hi, I am Bobby Jindal and I am a tax-raiser"

Wait until they get a load of this at Heritage. Conservative darling Bobby Jindal is raising taxes. And he isn't being shy about it.

Sure, he isn't raising the income tax, nor is he trying to chip away at the homestead exemption. He isn't even going at the sales tax, or any of the myraid of publicly-supported "sin" taxes.

No, instead, Bobby is raising taxes on students. And not just on the goofy, popped-collar sporting frat cads at LSU. Bobby is slamming folks seeking greater job opportunity and skill-development through community colleges. Take a look at the direct taxation for education:

Gov. Bobby Jindal wants state government to charge more to help whittle away a $1.6 billion budget shortfall.

The increases include:

  • $74.5 million in increased costs for college students who want to carry a 15-credit-hour-course load. Students who take 12 credit hours no longer would pay the same as students who take 15 credit hours per semester. Instead, those who take more than 12 credit hours would pay more.
  • $13.1 million in higher college campus operational fees. The fees would escalate when tuition does
  • $10.7 million in higher tuition for most community college students. 

Tuition at the state’s community colleges would rise to about $2,428 a year for full-time students who are Louisiana residents to match what Louisiana Delta Community College in Monroe charges.

Some schools actually would charge even more because of additional fees approved by students. The increased costs would not include a previously approved 10 percent tuition hike.

Source: The governor’s proposed budget

A tax is a tax is a tax. Levied on some, Bobby calls it a "fee," but rhetoric can't touch reality when dollars are at stake. 

The Club for Growth will be ushering Bobby into tax raising rehab before his next run for national office.

"Hi, I'm Bobby Jindal, and I'm a tax-raiser..."

First published on the Daily Kingfish

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