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French have Kate Middleton topless photos paparazzo?

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Does the French prosecutor have the name of the now-infamous and
now anonymous paparazzo?


You know.  Paparazzi snapper who suddenly turned Kate Middleton into topless Kate Middleton, bottomless Kate Middleton and made phrases such as the Kate Middleton naked photos popular in the world of internet searches, throughout the world.

The guy who made the royals' William and Kate so angry that they called out the dogs and cajoled the French fto catch the intruder of the royal family.

According to the Mirror, the “French prosecutors have been tipped off with the name of the ­paparazzi photographer who took ­the topless pictures of Kate Middleton.

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Yep, tipped off.

The French and the Brit royals have been trying to discover who snapped Kate Middleton’s top and bottom.

The Mirror stated, that a royal source said: “William and Kate are ­determined to bring the ­person who took those photos to ­justice and they’re pushing hard for a ­custodial sentence. They want to make an example of this person.”

Which would mean the paparazzi photographer who shot Kate while she was vacationing with her hubby could get the slammer for a year or get hit with a fine of thirty-six thousand pounds.

As per the Mirror, “The probe into the identity of the ­photographer is being led by officials in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. Confirming police are now aware of his name, ­public ­prosecutor Marie-Christine Daubigney said yesterday: “This new ­information regarding the photographer will be passed on to investigating ­magistrates.” 

Should the French government get their man, it could send a warning to future snappers that the royals get flushed when the possible future queen is shot in the raw. 

After the death of Princess Diana, it also could send a message that the Royals will go after the next unwanted photographer who takes pics of this British superstar even if she is not topless or bottomless but just wanting to be left alone.

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