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Hurricane Sandy Poll: Should US elections be postponed?

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voteShould the U.S. Congress postpone the Presidential and other elections due to the Hurricane and now tropical storm?



This is a question that is being asked at the coffee shops, online, radio talk shows—well, in so many venues where people gather.

Take our poll (below) on this issue and tell us what you think.

On the side of postponing, one of the key questions to be asked is whether polls would be accessible to certain voters.   Another question is whether an election causes more strain on federal, state and local governments at a time when ground zero is now the highly-populated and drenched eastern coast of the country.

Surely on the side of maintaining the election is the argument that this country needs certainty more than ever, especially with the national debt or fiscal cliff facing the country post-election.  Plus, precedence is not on the side of postponing a Presidential election.  The country has held elections during the disruptions of war.  Also, it is not a good practice to postpone any election since it could be abused in the future.

A storm did cause a delay in the New Orleans city elections after Hurricane Katrina.  At that time, most of the population had not returned and was a hardship for many to do so.   

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