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Fayard Goofed But Jindal Plays Louisiana For Goofs

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Thu Mar 31, 2011 at 09:45:00 AM CDT

It is impossible to traverse the Louisiana political landscape today and not run across some mention of an unannounced, 32-year-old gubernatorial candidate with no political experience. Caroline Fayard has clearly rocked the Republican establishment here in Louisiana.

Since this blog forwarded her as a serious candidate for Governor, all signs have continued to point toward a run at the big job by Ms. Fayard.

Just today, that reputable 'news' service Fox News reported that Fayard was meeting with Martin O'Malley, chairman of the Democratic Governor's Association, to discuss her run for Governor against Bobby Jindal. Unfortunately for Ms. Fayard, her meeting comes during her darkest political days yet, as she continues flailing about, trying to explain her bizarrely belligerent and in-artful comments made at the Washington Parish DEC just last week. The blowback from her comments continues to explode outward.

Up until last week, Fayard had played the expectation game perfectly, quietly building a buzz among insiders about her potential breakthrough run for Governor. As we reported earlier, her entry would upend the Louisiana Governor's race in ways that no other candidate could accomplish. She is the singular figure in Louisiana Democratic politics that could both challenge Jindal financially and politically, giving Democrats a surprisingly good shot at making our Gubernatorial race competitive.  

So, maybe it isn't odd that Louisiana Republicans are petrified of facing Fayard in October. Their strategy since Fayard became a serious contender to make a run against Jindal has been one of absolute frantic terror, firing away on all cylinders. Among the refuges of common scoundrels in campaigns is the filing of campaign finance violations in the form of ethics charges. Chad Rodgers, currently surfing the 2002 google cache to accurately copy early-edition Drudge report, is pumping the oppo on Fayard on the Deceased Pelican, even offering an "updated" version of the "ethics" charges. Jindal's numbers are on a downward spiral, and with little chance of a revival during a brutal legislative session, he needs all the help he can get. 

All of this rapid posturing against Fayard, even before she has declared her candidacy, may seem like good politics on the front end. But it also smacks of rabid horror among Republican'ts at Jindal's weird and uncanny ability to obscure the obvious callousness with which he is currently pursuing his naked ambition for national political fame. His aggressive ignorance and confrontational budget gimmicks seek goals that fail to live up to his own high standards of good government. But we are no longer shocked at Jindal's slick and persistent political operation. He has no other tactics. His strategy and modus operandi are none other than a simple tag: Louisiana Last, Jindal First. And that is what makes him so vulnerable to an earnest, fresh, well-funded alternative. Jindal can only fool the electorate for so long; at some point, the electorate will realize that he's been playing the for a fool. The governor's mansion is merely a launching pad for his future, not a platform for the betterment of our state. 

Unfortunately for Democrats, Fayard truly bumbled whatever opening she might have had. But naysayers must holster their weapons and recognize that Fayard's candidacy and campaign, if declared, will overwhelm this current PR disaster in mere months. We forget the power of significant media buys and time to soften the blows of even the worst political disasters. Fayard might be very poorly prepared now, but with Statewide TV and massive coaching, she can revive her candidacy before V-Day 2011. Her upside still lingers, even with her absurd comments.  

Republicans are rightfully afraid, despite their claims of tactical superiority. Fayard has yet to establish her presence, and most voters simply aren't paying much attention to an unannounced candidate. Surely, Fayard's stumbles will be early fodder for news reports, but once she introduces her platform and message, will we still be worried about her "hating" republicans? And in a state that still (despite voting trends) boasts of a Democratic voter registration advantage, will so many people take offense at the anti-Republican language? Fayard claims to be a "conservative" now, and that is the most important of the criteria statewide candidates must meet

To this blog, the most troubling thing about Fayard is her repeated displeasure with the current President. Besides saying she was "against" him (whatever that means), her family gave money to McCain-Palin in the late stages of the 2008 game. Since they are family friends, and mega-donors, of the Clintons, maybe that is forgiven. But her waffling on the subject pleases no one. She has, at one point, said Obama will win reelection, and she supports his standing up against Republicans. And in the next sentence she claims she is against him and that Healthcare reform is bad deal for Louisiana. This is not a recipe for success. Rally the base, Ms. Fayard, and then work for the cross-over. Charlie Melancon tried to split the baby, and he got burned big time. 

We ask only that Ms. Fayard run as a Democrat that understands only Democrats represent average, working-class Louisianians against the forces of big business, social fascism and corporate servitude. And this space will continue to represent a diversity of views on the subject. The best thing about that fact is we welcome your input:

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