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Friday, 22 June 2012 14:49

Jindal on Romney campaign audition road in Utah as Educators sue

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romneyHaving been sued by Louisiana teachers today, that is not to deter the road warrior Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

The governor will be in Utah for campaign events for Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee only after he heads to Sioux Falls where he will address the South Dakota Republican Party’s State convention.


The Romney trip certainly will continue to feed the vice president wannabe frenzy as Louisiana voters continue to speculate if the Governor will pass the audition for the VP selection. 

The Louisiana Association of Educators filed its lawsuit in Baton Rouge district court, contesting the constitutionality of the recently passed legislation shepherded by Jindal and touted by the governor nationally when making public and media appearances.  

Jindal has traveled out of Louisiana for fundraisers five times.  Last week, Jindal made campaign stops for Bill Maloney who is running for governor of West Virginia.  

Jindal’s deputy Communications director responded to the lawsuit today by stating, “- The coalition of the status quo misinformation campaign continues this week.  Whether it’s the process by which Governor Jindal’s bold and transformative education reforms were passed, or the substance of this important legislation, the coalition’s rhetoric doesn’t match the facts.  In short, the coalition of the status quo has resorted to lies and distortion.”

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