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Bailout Bobby Jindal Bloats Louisiana Budget While Spending Feds' Cash

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Bobby Jindal, was for bailouts before he was against them. Or put more simply, he's still for bailouts, as long as they occur under the radar and out of sight. He wouldn't want his shiny, conservative bona fides to get soiled:

When Gov. Bobby Jindal announced an ambitious new collaboration between four child-service agencies earlier this month, the stated goal was to streamline and improve services for children with severe behavioral problems.

But there was also another key motive behind the new "Coordinated System of Care" initiative: having the federal government share the cost for services that are now financed mainly by state tax dollars. 

It turns out, Bobby's $25b FY2011 budget is just another bait-and-switch to please wingnut partisans and teahaddist radio personalities. Jindal is happy to decry government spending, but even happier to greedily pocket as much as possible:

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It's far from the only such arrangement in the governor's $24.9 billion budget bill. While the looming loss of federal economic stimulus financing is a major cause of the state's budget crisis, new federal dollars also are proving to be a major part of the solution.

Overall, Jindal's 2011-12 budget includes $938 million fewer federal dollars than the current-year spending plan. But the overall figure masks a deeper truth: While the state is set to lose about $1.6 billion in federal stimulus dollars next year, it also is banking on at least $400 million in new federal money, the vast majority of it in health care.

And about that stimulus, what was it that Bailout Bobby said?:

" Gov. Bobby Jindal took his criticism of the federal economic stimulus package to a national stage Sunday, telling a television audience that he has a "fundamental disagreement" with the $787 billion tax-cut and spending package signed into law last week.

"The best thing that Washington could do to help Louisiana and all of our states with our budgets is to get this economy moving again, " Jindal said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

And then Jindal went ahead and made up some oversize checks. The rest is history. Bailout Bobby to the rescue with the Federal money with which he has a "fundamental disagreement."

But he doesn't stop there. During his obsessive, and lie-filled, rants against the Affordable Care Act, Bobby once again ran to the Federal government for more money. And then this little transaction went down:

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) defended her role in the $300 million “Louisiana Purchase” Thursday, saying she attached it to the healthcare bill at Gov. Bobby Jindal’s (R-La.) request and that it was not a condition of her support for the bill.

Landrieu used a floor speech, press conference and private e-mails from Jindal to fire back against critics of the $300 million-plus in Medicaid funds that became known as the “Louisiana Purchase.”

“Nothing about this effort was secret — it was public from the very first meeting that happened at the governor’s mansion in January,” Landrieu said.

And the record will show that.”Landrieu took the rare step of releasing a Sept. 16, 2009 e-mail from the Jindal administration to the state’s congressional delegation. In the e-mail from Julia Kenny, chief of staff for the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Kenny urges the delegation to “make our case” for an effort similar to one undertaken by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to secure Medicaid funds for Nevada.

And there he goes again, like a junkie to the dealer. Bailout Bobby swears he doesn't have a problem. He swears he kicked that habit back at Brown, exorcised it if you will, and now he's a tried-and-true small government conservative. 

He continues to live the lie, but the truth keeps catching up to him:

What's interesting is that the governor is Jindal, who, in his ardent quest to establish himself as a major figure in national Republican politics, rarely passes up an opportunity to bash the same sort of federal spending that he hopes will allow him to provide for his constituents.

He did it in his 2010 political tome, "Leadership and Crisis." He did it back during his 2009 response to President Barack Obama's address to Congress, when he bashed the very same stimulus that has bolstered his budget in recent years by famously arguing that "instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington."

And way back in 2008, when revenues were up and onetime revenues were flush, did Bobby curtail his spending spree? Nope:

Gov. Bobby Jindal proposed a $30.1 billion budget Friday for next year that includes increased state spending, mainly in education, health care and work force training, along with the expectation of more than $100 million in cuts to business taxes.

Though the governor campaigned on ways to cut government spending, Jindal's spending recommendations are larger than the budget approved by lawmakers a year ago, and the state dollar spending would actually grow over the current year by $551 million.

He just can't help himself. Back in 2008, Recovery dollars were still flowing like wine, making the State Budget balloon by almost $10b over today's. But Not for a second did Jindal consider adjusting the size or complexity of government. 

Bailout Bobby, swimming in seas of Federal dollars behind closed doors, only to exit to address the awaiting press, howling: "I condemn profligate Federal spending!" 







By Lamar Parmentel, Curator-In-Chief of the Daily Kingfish
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