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CB Forgotston: Louisiana Leges MIA, Why?

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On Tuesday,  March 29, Reps. Joe Harrison, Dee Richard, Gordon Dove, Nickie Monica and Gary Smith went missing right before the House of Representatives voted on HB 1 on Final Passage.

HB 1 redistricts the entire House of Representatives as required by the Louisiana Constitution following the 2010 Census.

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For those who were worried that these representatives may have been kidnapped or were gravely ill, I am pleased to report that they were in the House when it convened on Wednesday at 2:00 PM. They were missing for less than 24 hours.


LA Leges taking oath of office

Oath of office

Each of these leges took a constitutionally-required oath of office. (See Article X, Section 30)

The oath, in part, states: “…I will faithfully … discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as . . ., according to the best of my…, so help me God.” (emphasis mine)

As of this writing, I’ve heard no explanation (reasonable or otherwise) why the five leges went missing from the House Chamber on Tuesday just prior to casting their votes.

Thus, I can only draw one conclusion; they violated their oath of office.


by C,B. Forgotston...First Published on Forgotston.com

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