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Brees Says NFL Players Fighting For Their Lives

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Drew Brees is well aware the NFL already had a good thing going and, like fans, he doesn't want to have the labor situation cut into or wipe out the regular season.

"The Pro Bowl had better ratings than Game 6 of the World Series, all right?" said the quarterback in a recent iinterview with San Diego XX 1900 iradio station. "Does that make any sense? People love this game because it's not just a game, it transcends just the football field. I've seen that in New Orleans first hand. What would New Orleans do without football? Are you kidding me? I don't want to even think about it."

But Brees said there are business issues involved and that's why he's in the fight.

"We've always just wanted a fair deal," said Brees. "It's always been a 50-50 split of the revenues since the early '90s, but what we're being asked to do by the owners is to take a step backwards over the next four years, which for us as players doesn't make any sense. So this fight was brought to us.

"We feel like we're fighting for our lives and the future of the league right now."

by Ed Staton

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Ed Staton

Ed Staton is a former sports writer for the Times Picayune and New Orleans States Item.  He also served as the New Orleans Saints Information Director.  He has won 43 media awards in writing, design and photography. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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