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Donahue Opposes Congress Redistricting Plan Jindal Backs For NorthShore

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As the Louisiana Legislature moves into the final days of redistricting discussions, a press release by Senator Jack Donahue shows how sticky the process over drawing of political boundaries. 

The press release is requesting that constituents on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain write legislators and Governor Jindal to keep the Northshore in the First Congressional District.

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Currently, Congressman Stephen Scalise represents that district and should current legislation be passed, Scalise’s disctrict would be redrawn to give him representation over parishes which could jeopardize his future elections.

Also, for years, residents on the Northshore have been attempting to obtain a congressman from the Northshore and not from the southshore.  The current legislation, would hamper those chances.

Here is the press release:  

State Sen. Jack Donahue (R-11) is asking constituents to help protect the integrity of the Northshore's congressional delegation by writing key legislators and the governor in an effort to keep the Northshore in the First Congressional District.

Yesterday afternoon Donahue sent an email to thousands of voters in his district and beyond asking them to email the entire Northshore delegation, Gov. Bobby Jindal, House Speaker Jim Tucker, and Senate President Joel Chiasson to ask for their support in this effort.

With Louisiana losing a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives following the 2010 Census, political leaders on both sides of the aisle are wrangling over various iterations of the redrawn districts, which will soon number only six. Various proposals are pending in both the state House and Senate.

A bill by Sen. Neil Riser, being supported by the governor, would take all of Tangipahoa Parish out of the First District, leaving only St. Tammany in Scalise's district. Some other proposals extend the First District into Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes.

"Neither of these proposals is good for the Northshore," Donahue said. "Our interests are different than those of residents in coastal parishes, and we need to maintain our voice in Washington as a unified one."

St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington Parish are all in the First District, represented by Scalise. Prior to Scalise holding the seat, it was held by now-Gov. Jindal and now-Sen. Vitter.

"This proposal cannot stand," Donahue said. "My biggest concern is maintaining the integrity of the Northshore in the First District."

By law, the Legislature must conclude the Special Session currently underway next Wednesday. Redistricting legislation for state House, Senate, Supreme Court, Public Service Commission and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, is also still pending. After the pending compromise failed today, both Chambers adjourned until 10 a.m. Monday to allow negotiators to strike a deal.

"What's best for our citizens is to conclude this process in a rapid and reasonable manner that keeps the Northshore whole," Donahue said. "To do anything else will be far less than what our people expect and deserve."


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