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New Orleans Saints Drafts Derbies, Aaron Rogers's Jerseys

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With the NFL Draft set for April 28-30, here are some notes regarding the New Orleans Saints draft history, first-round pick history, positional draft records and a list of draft choices from regional colleges.

Of the 76 players currently on the roster, 24 were draft picks of the club.There are seven former No. 1s, six by the Saints -- CB Patrick Robinson (2010), S Malcolm Jenkins, DT Sedrick Ellis (2008), WR Robert Meachem (2007), RB Reggie Bush (2006) and DE Will Smith (2004) --  and one by another club: LB Jonathan Vilma (NYJ, 2004).


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FIRST ROUND: The Saints have had 43 first-round picks. The position-by-position breakdown:

Defensive Ends: Eight (Will Smith, 2004; Charles Grant ,2002; Joe Johnson, 1994; Renaldo Turnbull, 1990; Wayne Martin, 1989; Shawn Knight, 1987; Joe Campbell, 1977; Kevin Hardy, 1968).

Running Backs: Eight (Reggie Bush, 1996; Deuce McAllister, 2001; Ricky Williams, 1999; Vaughn Dunbar, 1992; Craig Heyward, 1988; George Rogers, 1981; Chuck Muncie, 1976; Les Kelley, 1967).

Wide Receivers: Six (Robert Meachem, 2007; Donte Stallworth, 2002; Lindsay Scott, 1982; Wes Chandler, 1978; Larry Burton. 1975; Ken Burrough, 1970)

Guards: Four (Chris Naeoke, 1997; Larry Schumacher, 1975; Royce Smith, 1972; John Shinners, 1969)

Tackles: Five (Jammal Brown, 2005; Kyle Turley, 1998; William Roaf, 1993; Jim Dombrowski, 1986; Stan Brock, 1980)

Linebackers: Three (Mark Fields, 1995; Alvin Toles, 1985; Rick Middleton, 1974)

Quarterbacks: Two (Dave Wilson, 1982 supplemental pick form 1981; Archie Manning, 1971)

Defensive Tackle: Two (Sedrick Ellis, 2008; Johnathan Sullivan, 2003)

Cornerback: Three) Patrick Robinson, 2010; Malcolm Jenkins, 2009; Alex Molden, 1996)

Tight End: One (Irv Smith, 1993)

Kicker/Punter: One (Russell Erxleben, 1979)

ALL-TIME: In 44 NFL Drafts, the Saints have picked 507 players from161 colleges and universities. By position: 65 RB; 63 WR; 61 LB; 56 CB; 42 DE; 41T; 39 G; 36 S; 31 DT; 28 TE; 19 QB; 99 C; 8 FB; 6 P; and 4 K.

By School: 17 USC; 15 Nebraska; 11 Notre Dame;, Ohio State, Michigan,,Tennessee; 9 Oklahoma, Florida State, LSU; 8 Georgia, Missouri,Tulane; 7 Florida, Ole Miss, Wisconsin; 6 Alabama, Kansas, Oregon State, Pittsburgh,San Diego State, Washington State, West Virginia; 5 Arizona State,  BYU, Colorado, Houston, Miami (Fla.), Minnesota, Mississippi State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Purdue, Southern, Texas, Tulsa,Virginia, Wake Forest and Washington.

PLAYERS DRAFTED FROM AREA SCHOOLS:  LSU: Tommy More, 1969; Steve Rogers, 1975; Hokie Gajan, 1981; Eric Martin, 1985; Dalton Hilliard, 1986; Michael Mayes, 1989; Nick Savoie, 1997; Devery Henderson, 2004; Al Woods, 2010. Ole Miss: Dan Sartin, 1968; Glenn Cannon, 1970; Archie Manning, 1971; Wimpy Winther, 1971; Paul Dongieux, 1872; Tutan Reyes, 2000; Deuce McAllister, 2001. Mississippi State: Marcus Rhoden, 1967; Patrick Swoopes, 1986; Fred Hadley, 1989; James Williams. 1990; Herman Carroll, 1994. Southern: Richard Neal, 1969; Willie Davenport, 1970; James Elder, 1971; Nathan Besaint, 1978; Vincent Fizer, 1988. Tulane: Bart Graves, 1971; Steve Barrios, 1972; Rusty Lachaussee, 1972; Tommt Thibodeaux,1974; Mike Truax, 1974; Charles Hall, 1975; Marvin Lewis, 1982; Treg Songy, 1985.

Aaron Rodgers

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by Ed Staton

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